Added an LPS to WD Mydrive NAS

Over the last six months I have concentrated on improving the quality of the ethernet to my ND555.

  1. LPS on the Roon NUCi7 - Result excellent more detail and space.
    2 Changed netgear switch distributing ethernet around house to Cisco 3750 - small increase in detail and clarity
  2. Changed to Cinnamon and Via blue ethernet cables replacing Amazon Cat6 - Result more transparency and better trebble clarity.
  3. Changed Zyxel gigabit switch for an AQVOX SE - Result huge improvement to everything particularly bass
  4. LPS on WD Mycloud NAS - Result excellent more detail and space.

What is amazing at each stage there was a distinct improvement - the final LPS on WD Mycloud was the icing on the cake. The detail retrieval and clarity - is staggering. I set myself up to do a load of office work last night … I put on some background music … before long I was just listening to the music totally drawn in. Improving the ethernet path has made my system so much more musical - it is relaxed powerful detailed and dynamic.

To all those on this forum I say the whole ethernet path is very critical - and it’s impact is quite profound. The ‘Mania’ thread is showing this - I would say if you have any of the Naim dacs & streamers - even Muso’s it is worthwhile and will improve the enjoyment of your system. By the way I am not saying buy an AQVOX switch … a cisco 2960 maybe just as good…what I can say is the AQVOX for me was transformational.

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Hi Richie, what LPS did you get ??

Nothing exotic … here is the link… I looked at the S Booster etc they are expensive … I looked at the circuits … and this looked pretty darn good. I use a 19v version for the NUC and 12V version for the WD drive…


Richard … I hope i have not overstepped the mark here … I got carried away…is this posting ok. There is no manufacturer … it is generic…with no specific URL’s.

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