Added value Powerlines?

Looking for advice: I’ve recently updated my Naim-gear onto a higher level, and I’m fully satisfied with the end-result: NDX2-XPSDR-282-250DR-SL-PMC Fact8.
A final step might be some icing on the cake. Currently two Powerlines are serving both the XPSDR & the 250DR, whereas the two ‘power-supplies’ of the pre-amp (NAPSC&HICAP2) are still equipped with standard Naim-cables. Would an upgrade of these two standard ones towards Powerlines provide noticeable added value (i.e. value for money) ?

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I think so. I found the Powerlines at their best when used across the system.

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Is say so, yes. Do make sure you have dedicated mains if you can accommodate it; this will give a firm foundation and help to ensure you get the best from your excellent system.


Thx. for the advice … and yes … has also been taken care off!
Additional Powerlines are supposed be to the (preliminary :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) finishing touch of this journey (at least, as far as my wife is concerned :shushing_face:).

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Power lines and cables are easy to swap in without to much attention…


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