Adding 555PS to a 272/250DR

I was planning on doing this much later but I’ve been presented with a pretty good deal I don’t think I can pass up.

If I go this route it seems like I should experience a pretty significant uptick in SQ. I went from a SU to my current 272/250DR and that was a pretty good jump.

Also, my current rack is only 4 shelves. I have the 272 on the top and the 250DR on the third shelf so an empty space under the 272 and and empty space under the 250DR. What’s the ideal set up with a 555PS? It seems like the bottom shelf is the best place.

And I only have 2 powerlines currently, until I get another what’s the best allocation? 272 and 555PS get the powerlines? I have a deep cryo tibia I can use in the meantime for the 250DR.

I’ve read so much about the 555PS so I’m looking forward to what it brings to the table.

Put the 555 on the bottom. With the PS connected the 272 doesn’t need a mains lead, so your two powerlines will be fine.

I had the very same setup…272/250 which is good when I added 555ps non dr I had no idea what to expect. It is a huge upgrade…I had a grin from ear to ear…you will be delighted…more dynamics, detail and the overall effect is great synergy… I put my 555ps between 272 and amp… let us know how you get on… enjoy!!!


Oh that’s right, I forgot, it’s been a long time since I had my XPS. Thanks, HH.

I added my 555DR to my 272/250DR 3 years ago. It was a huge improvement, very happy.
FWIW, I have found having the 250 on the bottem shelf with the 555 above works well. I have a 3 tier Fraim and the top shelf is medium height the lower 2 are standard height so there is a large gap between the 272 and 555. It works very well. Because the 555 is in the middle it means the burndy is not touching the floor.

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HH is right as ever, no need for mains into the 272 with the PS.

I had exactly this setup till last year and found it to be a fantastic three box system. You could leave a bare shelf but it looks really neat on just three layers.

Mine had the amp on the base, partly because the speaker cables only just reached. I’d be hard pushed to say it made a difference when I did try swapping it round to have the 555 on the bottom.

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Yes that’s the beauty of this setup…not too many boxes…its just right…it really is the sweet spot with naim…


Thanks, only having 3 boxes is nice. I’m not too interested in collecting a stack of boxes again.

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Go for it. It’s a wonderful update which you won’t regret :pray:


Well the deal is done. Should have it next week. Seller says it comes with a power line so that’s nice.

I’ve read some discussion about this in the past but don’t recall specifically. I’m not 100% sure the benefits the 555 brings to the 272. I’m not certain of any benefits beyond not using the 272’s power supply.

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Hmmm once you have picked your jaw up off the floor…your will realise you will have more …much more of everything…requiring you to go through all your favorite music…

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You know that it doesn’t come with a burndy as standard, don’t you?

Yeah, I think I have an extra burndy from my XPS but wasn’t sure if it would work or not. I don’t think it does and I haven’t had a chance to dig out my cable box yet.

Sounds like you have a surpus Powerline and need a Burndy (you’ll need to bundle one with the XPS you’ll presumably sell on).
Good news is that the Powerline will fetch more than a pre-loved Burndy will set you back :grinning:

The S-XPS Burndy - the same as you’d use with an XPS - is what you need.

Thanks HH. I believe the one I have is an extra I had for an olive XPS. So I’ll just pick up a new one to be on the safe side.

Take a look at the band at the head unit end. If it says S-XPS then it’s fine. If it says XPS then yes, get a new one.

Well it looks like the seller is sending me both cables with the 555 so I should be good I think.

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I took delivery of the 555 PS and it has 2 burndys but neither look correct for the 272. I didn’t realize there are so many burndy cables. I need to find the S-XPS burndy apparently.

I took delivery of the S XPS burndy and got to finally listen to the 555. I’ve done a lot of listening this week so I could have a good base line and I wondered how much the music could improve. Wow. Now I get why the 555PS is so popular.