Adding a Dirac Live DSP to a Supernait 2

I have changing my Naim etc separate’s pre/power amp setup for a Supernait 2.
I have been using a Dirac live based processor to resolve issues with the room and am hoping to use this with the SuperNait 2
At some point I will get a HiCap DR and take the 5 pin cable to that and then use two x 4 pin to RCA cables into the Dirac unit and back out into the power section on the Supernait 2.

How do I do this before getting the Hicap? won’t removing the link plug stop the preamp being powered?

Please don’t judge me for using Dirac

It’s not so straightforward as that link plug also carries a 24v rail so it would need a custom link cable. Forum rules prevent any more discussion so I’d wait for the Hicap which will make things a lot easier to sort out with your suggested approach.

I currently have a spare Flatcap 2x spare could try it out with that just to test the concept

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Yep, that would be a good initial test as you can use the standard Naim cables.

Electronic room correction can vastly improve sound compared to uncorrected, buy it has sognificant limits: 1) NEVER try to remove dips due to cancellation - aside from being fruitlessit is a rapid route to speaker destruction. 2] be aware that any boost can put significant demands on your supysren and significantly reduce headroom for music peaks (every 3dB of boost uses double the amplifier power). 3) Be aware there are some room effects DSP cannot correct, such as early reflections from surfaces.

It is best to optimise speaker and listening positions first, then apply as much physical room correction as possible/practicable, before finally using DSP to try to improve further.

Some people say that DSP has a negative effect on sound quality - but in practice any degradation has to be weighed up against beneficial effects of improved response. In my experience the latter is more significant, though of course it will depend on the room, and system, especially speakers. Personally I didn’t get on with Dirac when I trialled it (it was a software implementation, and not on a Naim system), but later applied limited correction myself, using REW to assess and measure.

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Hi Grant, Dirac interests me too, I currently apply simple DSP room issue correction via my RME ADI-2 DAC Parametric EQ, I would be interested to know what you use as your “Dirac Live based processor”?

MiniDSP I would guess

It’s the DDRC-24, system sounds so much better with it in place

Thank you @grant.harris that’s not one that I had heard of.

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