Adding a favourite to Naim Muslp2

Sorry if this question has been asked before.

I have a Muso-2. I want to have it wake me up (via an alarm) to KUSC Los Angeles. How do I do that? Apparently, I need a favourite, or a preset, or both.

I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of VTunes, where KUSC Los Angeles is shown. But when I click on the entry (I’ve already created an account and supplied the Muso-2’s ethernet MAC address), I get a download of a file, and when I click on the, I am taken to a Groove popup, which reports an error.

Just look for it in the Naim app under California. Then set it as a favourite by pressing the star.

OK. I did a search in the Naim app under iRadio, for “California.” I got 3 hits. None of them are KUSC.

Did you choose all stations after picking California? I found it earlier quite happily. If it’s there for me it must be there for you.

You could find it using global search (magnifying glass at the top right).

I found that if I clicked on Show (in the upper right) two times, I got KUSC after a search on “KUSC” . God, what a poor interface!


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