Adding a radio station on NDX 2

Has anybody added an internet radio station on their Naim Streamer?

Is it a case adding the radio station’s URL?

It tells you to sign in to and put in the ID number. (See attached screenshot) What would the sign in details be?


It’s wasy enough to sign up to vTuner, but I find that if you search the iRadio input the station you want is nearly always there. Sometimes it’s a case of going to the station website, finding their geographical location and using that to navigate the iRadio input.
Failing that you just need to sign into vTuner with your email address and the MAC address of your streamer.

Thanks for getting back.
The station I am trying to find has changed it’s location and web address.

Naim and Roon can find the station (Timewarp Ireland) but it won’t play because the station has changed its address. I contacted them and told me it takes about four months for Naim and vTuner to catch up.r

Who said? the station?

It may be possible for @Stevesky who is Naim’s iRadio guru to get it reinstated.

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Do you have a local music server with playlists? If so copy

#PLAYLIST:Internet Radio: Timewarp Ireland
#EXTINF:-1, Timewarp Ireland

into a text file and rename the file “1-timewarp.m3u”
Then copy it into the folder where your other m3u playlists are.
Go to Playlists and you should be good to play (sorry no logo but Artist/Track data should appear).
Should tide you over until it gets sorted in VTuner.

P.S. when i tested it from AssetUPnP a couple of minutes ago it was playing Eric Clapton - Layla.

Yes, the station.

I am a Roon Nucleus user.

Thank you for that information. Very helpful.:+1:

This is the address that was given to me by the radio station.
At present I’m Bluetoothing it from my iPad to the NDX 2.

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I am sure @Stevesky will get it fixed - usually in a few days.
was the address I got from their website (the mp3/192 stream).
I used http (which usually works on most sites) as AssetUPnP has a bug and presently does not accept https on playlists - they are aware and currently fixing it.


I’ve asked VTuner to update their database for this station. Should be fixed in a day or so.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Thank you. That’s very kind of you. :+1:

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