Adding a Sub Woofer to the DAC-V1 & NAP 100 Set up?

Hi, hope everyone is doing okay. I have been using the DAC V1 with my mac now for many years for listening with headphones.
I have just added the NAP 100 to it, so as to run speakers rather than just headphones, while it sounds great, it is lacking bass due to the fact that my desktop speakers need to be small (M&K LCR-36) so they will fit on the desk. I also have an M&K Sub but i’m unsure how I can connect it to the NAP 100, is this possible?

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The dac v1 manual states not to connect both sets of analogue outputs simultaneously as it degrades the performance.
That only leaves you the option to use a high level connection. Naim normally recommends to do this at the speaker terminals

Yes, my son uses the high level connection too. Our dealer made up the right cables with A5 speaker cable to connect to his sub. He enjoys that system a lot.

Thank you all, for your solutions, i also read that in the manual and was wondering a way around it. I will patiently wait for my dealer to reopen and get them to build the leads for me, will be something to look forward to… Thanks again

Just seen this, another route could be active speakers (something like Genelec), which is likely to mean not using or trading in the speakers and power amp.

An example System Pics 2020

Model please?

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