Adding a subwoofer to setup

Like you I have the settings to add subtly at and below the SBL low end roll off. I listen for bass notes that are too emphasised when doing the adjustments, that is the sub is re-enforcing a note that is already catered for by the SBLs.

The wonderful thing about the SBLs is their speed and clarity, the BK and MJ being infinite baffle subs work well with them.

Taking the signal from the speaker binding posts into the Hi input was a bit of an epiphany for me, up until that point I found that different settings were needed for different albums. Since changing things have worked pretty seemlessly.

Hopefully sounds as though it is working out for you.

Hi @CalamityJack ,

Just been having a very nice session this afternoon. Two albums on Qobuz that I think can assist in whether your sub setup is working:

Roger Waters, The Wall
Fantastic opening with the solo trumpeter being approached by the low flying aircraft, then the fireworks begin, literally; and
Mulan, the soundtrack
Opens with ‘True to your Heart’. This track has lots of fast moving low down notes, with sustained bass notes in the chorus.


Thanks. I’ll give that a go. I do find that most albums just come over brilliantly, especially some live ones and classical music, regardless of source while others can still sound too heavy. Others, still, offer nothing sonically below what was already evident from the SBLs.

I used an app on an iPad to be more scientific but the evidence of my own ears is my benchmark.

Let’s break out the graphic equaliser….

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