Adding a wood panel to the speaker wall?

Hi all, As some of you have seen I moved some of my Vicoustic wavewood panels from the front wall to the ceiling to great effect sonically but less so aesthecially.

When sitting here looking at the wall I got inspired to do something different with the wall. My thoughts started with making it a plywood wall and then moved on to a wood panel wall. Either with airggaps between the panels or not.

Question is, what can happen to the sound if I build a wall with random width of panel (maybe 4 different width) and a 2 cm gap between them covering the entire wall? Will this affect scattering in a unpredicted way?

If I build it I need to start with studs of some dimension, maybe 45mm in depth. Should I put some isolation in this construction? I´m thinking something highdensity such as thoose environmental friendly woodinsulating blocks. Will that affect frequency respons in an unpredicted way?

Looking for the forums expertise here😁 @Thomas perhaps?

Hi Lucifer, my dealer Signals renovated a church a couple of years ago and have some walls with an abstract wood block effect, appear to come in panels…glued to the wall.


Although I’ve not been to Naim HQ for sometime, from the photos posted on this forum it’s listening room has an interesting treatment.

(Credit to connection ezine - copied / downloaded 10-02-2020)

It certainly has. I wonder how it´s calculated? If there is some thought to the pattern making for a predictable outcome.

Looks as if there is a difference in the thickness of the wood pieces. The ones placed higher up on the wall looks thicker to these eyes.

Looking at a picture covering the whole room you can see that angles vary along the walls in some kind of sequence. Maybe it´s some sort of qrd diffuser?

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It was modelled on Focal’s factory listening room.

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Something like this but no window and smoother surface.

And I´d leave it untreated or treated with soap made from linseed oil. It keeps it light

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