Adding an m scaler next?

hi all,

planning on trialling an m scaler in my system again now it is much more revealing (part of taking source to end game, even though hoped for an mscaler 2 that matched dave dac case…but not holding my breath for that)

have seen all sorts of things on mscaler set up and was after bit of input/advice on how to get most out of it e.g. seen bit about people using LPS for it, wave BNC cables to reduce RFI, opto DX, positioning it far away as possible from source/pre-amp, HF filter turned off on DAVE i think it was, etc, etc.

interested in peoples experiences/advice with it (as wasnt overly impressed first time around and found the pheonix usb reclocker to be a much more significant upgrade for DAVE)

thanks all :slight_smile:

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I have wave cables on mine and it sits on it’s own shelf away from the rest of my kit. I have an mcru power supply on it but frankly I’m not sure it made much difference in my set up although the difference was significant in my TT 2. I’ve tried running it from a battery and also couldn’t hear any difference and o tried the opto dx and hated it and sold it on

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Nice move I hope you enjoy the MScaler on the Dave as much as I do.

Regarding the Dave / MScaler settings I have mine set as follows:-

Dave Hi Fil = Off
Dave PHASE = Neg
Dave volume set as -11db (Blue)
MScaler OP SR = Max

Pair of WAVE Storm cables hook the two Chord products together.

AR Lunar from Dave to 552

ND5XS2 feeds the MScaler using Naim DC1.

The MScaler once set is a box you never need to fiddle with but it adds so much.

Not sure if you are aware but there’s rumours that Chord are releasing a new MScaler.

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just re-read your post do you use DAVE in pre-amp mode then VS DAC ? does it make a difference


That’s correct the Dave is set in pre amp mode gives more volume control on the 552, Dave set at -11db this is about 1 - 1.5v similar setting to the Qutest I owned and this was set at 1v fixed setting.

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@HiFiman has provided a number of great set-up tips.
Our M Scaler runs off the standard power supply.
We found the right clip on ferrites beneficial, connected to BNC 3&4 on DAVE, though the Wave Storm cable at £1,400 would be even better.

Best to keep M Scaler as far away from sensitive electronics as practically possible.

We used an AR Sound Luner between DAVE and our pre amp but TonyM’s Chord Signature RCA to DIN proved to be much better when we tried it. With a change of amp, we are all balanced connections these days.

Best regards, BF

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Just switched DAVE over to pre amp early days but feel as though removed a little harshness vs direct DAC mode

Still got hf filter on as not yet gotten m scaler to demo yet

Thx all

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