Adding DAB station as favourite or preset fails on Uniti

I mostly use the ‘favourites’ button on the RC to have quick access to some internet or DAB radio stations. I want now to add a couple of DAB radio stations as favourite to the list( inside the device), but this fails. The scenario I follow is as such : select the DAB radio station via the app on my tablet, then I press on the ‘(hollow) five star symbol’ in the app; a question is prompted "do you want to add this favourite as a preset’; if I press Y or N, so in both cases, I do not see the DAB station appear in the list in the device itself ; the station only appears in the DAB list in the app, however not in the list in the device that appears when pressing the ‘five star button’ on the RC, nor in the presets list in the app (which seem to correspond with the list in the device). Previously I did succeed in adding 2 DAB stations to that list. Not clear also what is the difference in between a preset and a favourite. In the device I only have 9 stations.

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