Adding files to NS01 via its Downloads folder

Adding files to NS01 via its Downloads folder

I added a number of albums in FLAC format to the Downloads folder of my NS01, as I done before many times.

But the added albums are not appearing on my SuperUniti when trying to stream. Is there a way to “force” the NS01 to “index” the added files (albums): if that is the issue.

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Are you using the ns01 as a streamer or sending analog or spdif out to the amp. I cannot longer find out what of the integrated amps have built in streamer or converter. However you could have problems with the upnp server in the 01 not wanting to recognize some of the tags and therefore just refuses to list the albums at all . If it is a tagging issue you have to remove any tags that is unnecessary and in the end the albums will usually appear.

NS01 is the NAS.
SuperUniti is the amp.

Each file is each album is named “[NAME OF TRACK].flac”

I’m not sure what you mean by “tags”.

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Hi, presumably you are using the Naim app to view music files in the Superuniti UPnP input? Are the missing files visible in the N-Serve app?

The added files are not visible in n-Serve.

Hi DGHB, you can browse to the NS01’s GUI via its IP address, click System, Network Shares, Refresh All Shares*

*Or something similar - I don’t have a unit to hand to check my accuracy!


I have an NS01 and it’s often been a bit clunky at identifying additional downloaded music. As said above, you should be able to see it in the GUI interface via your browser, but after I add anything to the Downloads folder I tend to shutdown (standby first using the remote/ front button) then recycle the power switch at the back. Once it restarts it picks up the new files most of the time. I stream using a ND555 so only use the NS01 as a server, but I used the same process when I streamed from the NS01. The NS01 is a great machine without the noise problems of the Unitiserve. I auditioned it against a NDX and preferred it. I might go to a Melco in the future but think there are other priorities in my system to address first.

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