Adding NAP100

Thinking about adding a NAP 100 to my Atom what would this bring to the party? Never had seperate power amp before. I know it kind of goes against what the all-in-one Atom is but I can’t afford the upgrade to Nova and can get a used NAP 100 for around £500. I see lots of old posts about using it with UnitiQutes. I use with Tannoy 3 way floorstanders that are not hard to drive but interested to see where it might go with the 100 added in.

Tried it with unitiqute.
Not worth IMHO.
200 would be a nice lift in SQ.
But ,remember, at that point you’d
be always thinking of How to dich your atom.
Btw I rate Elac 312 a mach Made in heaven with qute
Maybe even better with an atom and your tannoy to be no match at all
Obviously no match as for scale, eextension the otter way round.
But just think for a little you could have a better result matching a much better

I added a 250dr for a few months to my unitiqute (feeding sbls). I liked it - but then sold it to finance upgrades elsewhere and haven’t really missed it

I actually added a 100 to my atom. I thought it a significant improvement in SQ and overall musicality. Ultimately upgraded to a Nova and just added a 250 DR to the Nova - also significant improvement in SQ. In both cases big improvement in instrument detail. I believe it’s a good upgrade path. I also added powerlines on the Nova and 250 - which also resulted in a step up in the overall SQ.

I am using Unitiqute with XS as a power amp at the moment and it makes a big difference. Music comes to life, better bass, separation, resolution, etc. Clearly audible. With medium range bookshelf its wasn’t much of an advantage but with bigger floorstanders its the way to go. I have them bi-amped ( Unitiqute powers highs )and I got better bass, sweeter sound with bigger soundstage. In short - If you have good speakers, power amp will certainly be a good investment.

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