Adding Rega Planar 3 to Unitilite + NAP200 DR

Hello all,

Have been checking the archives but couldn’t find the exact Q&A. I want to add a turntable to my existing Naim set-up. I enjoy streaming during the working week (set-up in my office) and during the weekend it would be lovely to listen to vinyl. I have boxes of 80s stuff in the loft and some recent cuts of Peter Gabriel, Floyd and Talk Talk stuff I love to listen to.

Current set-up

  • Unitilite
  • NAP200 DR
  • PMC DB1 Gold

I’ve settled on

  • Rega Planar 3/Elys 2

  • Rega Fono MM Pre Amplifier Phono Stage

  • Unitilite earth is set to chassis.

  • Rega P3 into phono stage and earthed.

  • Rega phono stage analogue into Unitilite.

  • Everything plugged into a nasty cheap multiplug extension cable

Question - have I missed anything on the connectivity I should consider?
Question - are there any earthing issues I need to address?
Question - any alternative multiplug extension leads recommendations?

Many thanks in advance.

Bump - just curious if this thread is visible as it’s my first and thought I might get one or two bites. :slight_smile:

I recall the earthing already is inside Rega TT cable.
You might need interconnect from Fono to UL

I hate cheap multiplugs but sometime its all the option

Hi. You have done all that is required. The earth should not be an issue with that set up, I would just leave the UnitiLite set as normal and do nothing from the Rega Fono.
You are right. The cheap power board will be interfering but do not move to expensive options without trying them. Are you able to just use an extension cable to the UL, another to the TT etc. Your dealer may have local advice for you.
Other than that, turntable set up is critical. Again if not dealer set up for you, research and get this right. You can hear when you get it right. Easy to do.

Rega fan here as well.

The point of the many earthing options is to reduce or eliminate electrical hum. Some combinations of equipment need some pieces left ungrounded.

If you have followed the manuals, it sounds great, and no hum, you have it right.

If not, shout out — the engineers will be along, here, with particulars.



Cheap Multiplug extension leads are not always such a bad thing - they are usually simple, which means no LEDs, no surge protection etc… and that’s great news for sound. Whatever you do, if your extension lead has any anti-surge protection in it, don’t use it for the stereo, or plug it in anywhere on that circuit. I made that mistake once when I needed to plug in my MBP in the music room and the extension lead I grabbed from the cupboard had anti-surge in it; it made the hifi sound like I’d broken the stylus on the record player.

Welcome to the forum!

Last July I also added a P3/Elys 2, along with a Rega Fono Mk 3 and matching Rega Neo psu.

I noticed there was no earth wire but I just followed the advice in the manual and placed the Fono well away from the P3 - it lies on the top shelf and the Fono on bottom (4th) shelf and it all seems to be fine, no hum.

The Neo psu is supposed to give the system a lift but it also lets you change the speed from 33/45 at the touch of a button which is handy (especially if I ever use it :joy: :joy:) .

Earlier in the year I bought a Russ Andrews 4 Way Power Bar and Yellow mains cable instead of using the cheap ones and all the plugs go in there. I honestly have no idea if it has improved the sound but it makes sense to give the system a clean power supply (jeez, I am already believing the hype!!).

Enjoy your P3 - I am discovering my old vinyl collection all over again, have washed/cleaned them all and am enjoying the sound.


Thank you all. I finally got my new P3 last week. Absolutely delighted with the setup for my ears.

Totally agree with the delight of discovering vinyl again. Just superb listening to my new and old collection.

Happy listening


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