Adding sub to Atom using high level input

Hi I am thinking of adding a sub to my system. I use the Atom for 2 channel music and it’s also driving the front two of my AV set up to same speakers via AV Bypass and Preout from my Arcam AV. I would use the low level sub out from my AV amp for AV duties but I understand that for hifi it’s better to use the high level input. The sub I am looking at supports both, but I am confused as to how I could use the high-level input from the Atoms speaker output whilst using Naim speaker plugs. Any advice here would be appreciated.


Naim’s recommendation has always been to connect the sub to the loudspeakers input sockets. This means that they don’t interfere with the capacitance and inductance of the speaker cables to which Naim amps are sensitive. The cables you use can be thin and cheap - I used Chord Sarsen bacause it’s pretty thin and my dealer had some in stock, but even cheap bellwire would be fine.
Ideally you would solder both speaker cable and sub cable into the same plugs, depending on what you are using.

This was @Adam.Meredith solution to using Naim plugs:

Looks like I’ll have to heath Robinson something up then as the high level cable supplied isn’t meant to be connected to speakers it doesnt split into two runs. Will have to think about how I approach it, not touching my existing cables cost enough to buy them as they are so not going to muck about with them.

Why can you not use pre-outs from the Atom. Am I reading it wrong, are you already using pre-outs?

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Other options would be to use stackable bananas, or with speakers that have suitable dual connection sockets, use spades on the sub leads and bananas on the regular speaker cables.
Sounds like you might have a Rel sub? It’s possible to split the lead to reach both speakers, or have a suitable cable made up - or if you prefer to connect at the amp end get the Naim compatible version of their Bassline Blue cable, or the far cheaper version available from Designacable.

I was looking at REL as well. I know you can do speaker level, but I still want line in. I went with a SVS micro anyway. I would rather not use speaker, but it’s cool REL has the option. I use pre-outs from Atom to sub. Very happy with it. My only problem is I may need another pre-outs… Which my only option would be a switch. But that is a different discussion.

Not Rel BK Electronics but they supply same type of cable. I was looking at stackable plugs or as you say split the lead. I could use the preouts of the atom I suppose and see how I get on with it.

My thoughts are that you should use whatever lead is convenient just to get you up and running as you will likely need to move the sub around the room a fair bit to determine the right position for it. Once you have determined the final position that might have a bearing on your decision about how you connect it if you want to keep the cable runs neat.

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It’s certainly legit to use speaker line. I don’t know why it’s thought to be better for hi-fi… It’s the same argument of why you bi-wire, or go to seperate… To keep drivers from effecting each other. Goi g to an amp is not the same thing as going to a driver… But still, when possible, I like to keep everything low lever and seperate.

The best thing about subs is you can place/adjust/tune to perfectly match the speakers… So any worry about timing/alignment doesn’t really matter.

I think it’s so the speakers are getting the same sound signature into them from same power amp and not via just the pre as it would via line or pre outs, but as all subs have extra amps and crossover anyway it seems a bit moot as it’s not a pure signal from your power amp.

Cool. Regardless, it is a great addition. I wasn’t going for low end for my office, but it is SOOO much better. For 2 ch. it just needs to fill in. I’m still not disturbing everyone else, but we’ll worth it. If you are doubling with HT duty… Then it’s mandatory.

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Of interest as I am running an REL and have wired into speaker outputs using the supplied cable. Stereo hi fi use and as not the main TV stereo only for viewing.

I haven’t used the naim supplied plugs. All the information I could find didn’t suggest this would have a detrimental effect on sound. I suppose the only real way to find out would be to break out my soldering iron?

I had a subwoofer for years albeit not the greatest it was a legacy of before I came back to decent 2 ch. I wandered off path for some time into AV and at a lower budget when had kids as focus changed Eventually came back round which is why I got the Arcam and eventually back to a 2 ch proper system. I got large speakers initially and distched the sub. But since I switched to the ProAcs I have missed the oomph in the AV bit and can live without it for music as it improved in so many more ways but it would be nice. It’s a compromise as my room can’t really take big speakers for music as I have learned the hard way over the last 6 years and 3 sets of speakers.

So my sub capped out on my HT. I got a SVS 3000… Ridiculous. I stopped listening to music. Not a lot of money in my HT. Good enough. Put in a really nice system in my auto… Which really got me back to 2 ch.

Nobody wants to listen, so I got a nice office setup with B&W 707s and Atom. (plus Sumit HP) I wasn’t going for concert hall…
My friend just set up a good system with B&W 705 Sigs… Special. He has same SVS 3000 on that… Just night and day and he doesn’t listen to bass heavy content.

So I accepted what I like, added the 3000 micro to mine. Still not irritating anyone in the house. With speakers it’s usually just moderate volume… It just adds so much. Bass sounds like it is straight from the speakers. Do yourself a favor and get something that matches your room and taste well. So worth it.

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