Adding sub woofer to Atom

Hi guys
Having not had any hifi kit for over 25 yrs, In Feb 2021 I bought an Atom with Focal Aria 906’ speakers.
I am now looking to buy the new SVS 1000 pro subwoofer.

I contacted Richer Sounds for a price and they told me that if I connect the sub it to the pre amp out on the Atom, its volume control would not operate the sub and each track of music would have to be adjusted with the volume control on the sub. Is this correct?

From what Ive read it was just a matter of connecting the left/right RCA plugs between the two units and after setting the initial level on the sub any increase/decrease in level would be via the Atom volume control. Can anyone help please?

The person at Richer Sounds is clearly a horse’s arse. You connect it exactly as you thought. Plug it in, adjust the sub settings and off you go.

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Thanks Buddy. I’m getting a bit long in the tooth now (69) and although Ive been in electrical industry for over 30 yrs the Richer Sounds guys made me doubt my understanding.
Thank goodness for communities like this bless you.

I can confirm that HH is correct, the preamp output is entirely suitable for a subwoofer connection.
Here it is from the horse’s mouth:

(You also have the option of using a high level connection from the speakers, which may or may not be preferable in some situations.)

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