Adding supernait to Nova?

I’m happily single and retired, so I am (in theory) accountable to no one, however I do look at my savings account and shudder somewhat at the money spent over the last five years

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A Superlumina power cord? Do they exist? :flushed:

Sorry that’s me cutting corners in generic terms ( trying to say top of the line ) - I tried the Powerline mains cable and found it had less of an impact than the cheaper brand -although when linked to the separates with the superlumina interconnects good things happened. Conclusion was the Nova is less sensitive to that change or, that the change simply didn’t appeal to my ears.

For those interested in the Nova vs SN3 and NDX2 debate, ( noting absurd price difference ) I’ve swapped the Nova to go back to the two boxes and I’m so delighted with the outcome. Warmer musicality and total elimination of speaker brashness which gave me fatigue. I think the summary is it’s like analogue vs digital but one of the most interesting outcomes is how it balanced the speakers ( Kef ref1 bookshelves) whereas the Nova just made them ear piercing after 30 minutes and no melody within. Just my experience my ears etc despite loving the Nova for aesthetics, build and fit for purpose. Just not fit for purpose to engage with music with my ears I’m afraid and I ant change them …:relaxed:

Identical to my experience

Interesting read. After getting Mu-So 2 for the bedroom and Qb2 for the kitchen last year and effectively entering the Naim realm, I was convinced I’d later get a Nova for the living room (i.e. main system). As OP really enjoy the Uniti design and interface.
However, after comparing it to the ND5XS2 at home (as source through Rega Aethos), I clearly preferred the ND5. Gave me a richer and more immersive sound. The difference was then obviously more pronounced when connecting speakers directly to the Nova. And thus music wise I could not go back after hearing ND5 with good amp. Then tried the SN3 as amp and liked it even more. Surprised that this combo isn’t discussed more. Often people jump to recommending the SN3 & NDX2 combo which is very pricey (especially the later, at least for me). While a ND5 with SN2 or 3 can be found at comparable price to Nova if buying demo/used and sonically clearly superior, without having to go all the way to the NDX2 (yet…).


Because some tend to repeat indefinitely that the SN3 is out balanced with an Nd5xs2.
I agree with you, it’s a nice pairing.


I couldn’t agree more. Had a SN2 for 6 years.
Second hand this is a fabulous amp. Paired with an ND5XS2 it’s a killer combination and brilliant value for money.

As is the ND5XS2 with SN3 of course but not nearly as good in the value for money stakes.
The SN2 often goes for £1,500-£1,800 which makes it a bargain and I thought this pairing outclassed the Nova sonically imho.


The SN2 realy is a fabulous amp especially for the price these days. I love it when Naim discontinues products. I have an NDS feeding mine and they’re a great match.

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