Adding surround to 2.1 system - thoughts/advice, please

Two question about doing the above:

  1. as stated in a previous post, my potential budget is £1.5K for two rears, a centre and an AV amp, but would I benefit from trying to get nearer to/matching these to my existing 2.1 set up?

This system will mostly be used for audio & less so for films.

  1. what is the best way to connect the above to my Nova and 250.2, KEF k62 combo?

Why not a good soundbare ?


I run a Naim stereo system integrated with 5.1 AV surround.
TV feeds AV receiver via HDMI ARC, pre out from AV receiver to Nova via uniti Gain, center (and any future surrounds) speaker feeds directly from AV.

Getting the same house sound makes sense so I would be looking at Kef center speakers

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Yes, I have pondered this route, but it wouldn’t get the best out of my many surround audio discs.

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Yes, this or a Monitor Audio centre are ones I’m looking at.

Thanks for the connectivity answers too.

Marantz NR1711 AV Receiver. £750
KEF Q250C Centre. £450
KEF Q150 Surrounds. £320

Pre-out to Marantz, so that the NAIM drives the front speakers. Marantz drives the surrounds and centre speaker.


most welcome

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