Adjustable spanners

A fascinating character who (I found out today), has an interesting side hobby.

I was more familiar with his “normal” work and had the pleasure of seeing him live supporting Genesis. He is probably better known for his collaboration with Pink Floyd but I got to “know” him through John Peel and Bob Harris. I still buy his music.


Well it’s more interesting than collecting fish scales


Hell why not, I found him interesting he obviously loves the background to all his adjustable spanners as well as the items them self’s

The world needs more people like this!

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I can see why someone would collect strange objects but what’s hard to understand is why you would want so many identical items of the same spanner, of the same size, of the same country. :thinking:

He must have a lot of nuts.

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As he said in the short clip some have different stamping on them for patents some pending I suppose its what makes them interesting

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