Adjusting clock on Uniti Atom

Hi everybody,

Since yesterday I am the proud owner of a Naim Uniti Atom. At the moment I am getting to know the product, but I cannot figure out how to adjust the time / clock. At 22:45 the clock indicates that it is 5:10.

Does anyone know how I can adjust the time (timezone is set correctly)?

Thanks in advance.

Go to settings, change Timezone

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Thanks @Mr.Orange. Timezone is set correctly. Do you mean I have to set it to another timezone and change it back?

I was thinking it might has something to do with networktime and the use of a switch?

Yep! Mine went weird so change to another zone and back and should be ok

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It happens with other stuff. My iPhone XS wouldn’t go back into uk time when I came back from France last month until I told it to use another time zone and then told it to use the local one again.


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HI I had same after new update so changed mine to Lisbon then back to London,all good now,regards.

Thanks guys,

Problem solved!


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@DelStino Congratulations on your Atom, great choice! Welcome to the forum.

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