Adobe Flash - end of

A good day for security, as from now any websites using Adobe Flash should not work as Adobe seeded kill code in recent versions of its flashplayer.

Heres hoping no one ever creates something so termiinally insecure!

Maybe Javascript will be next up for the firing squad?

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No, they are not comparable.

Flash gave the browser access to the hardware of the computer, like the harddrive/filesystem, which is obviously a big security risk. It was basically an external program with full system access, that was loaded through the browser. Javascript only runs scripts inside the browser itself, it can’t access the rest of the computer.

Javascript is an essential part of the web these days, you wouldn’t be able to have a website like the Naim forums without it.

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Yes, I know its never going to happen, as Adobes flash was proprietory.

It was just wishful thinking! :grinning:

Why would you consider it to be a good idea to get rid of Javascript? It would bring the web back to a state of 30 years ago:

(online since 1987 :wink: )

Whatever, it’s good to see that Flash has had it’s day and gone

I suppose for client side stuff, it’s fine but it has some horrible traits, it only has one integer type - double precision floating point, I found this image to save a war of words:

Disclaimer: I am not a programmer and now retired after working on some fairly large projects so things may have moved on.


That’s not true, it has two integer types, number and bigint:

I’m also not sure how this relates to the original point?

Good riddance. The best websites don’t use any gimmicky wizardry like Flash, instead presenting information clearly in text form with illustrative pictures, good clear menus, good text size and contrast. It takes care and thought, with recognition that not all browsers are the same, nor all eyesights. Sadly all too many websites fail because they are designed to look flash (pun not intended!) to sell an image of being a “modern” business, or to sell an image of the web designer as a whizzo.


One of the companies I worked for, had a website designed entirely in flash without even the simplest of html headers, tags etc to advertise what it was about. Needless to say it attracted only malicious robotic traffic and I don’t even think they stayed very long as they couldnt work out how to transit to other site pages. I eventually did mod the pages, but every time it was updated that got over written.

It took years to convince senior management how truely crap it was and the replacement site once installed got a huge thumbs up and not before time - just before the credit crisis about 2005ish

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