Advice apppreciated please

Hello Gents and any Ladies around too.

I recently purchased a pair of Proac d20rs, I’ll list my kit further down.

I have had a naim kit four about three years, but whilst appreciative of the new sound above what I had previous (some spendor) I feel the Proacs can give a lot more and sometimes sound a little thin( sometimes)

I listen to music across the board, I mean everything and the reason for my proac purchase was these were the first that sort of did the job across that board, within this price range of what I heard. apart from some PMC’s twenty five 23 ( fortunately the dealer had no stock Soo I managed to save myself 2500 dollars)

Anyway to keep this as short as possible what do you wiser people and more experienced chaps and ladies think would be a sensible and cost efficient way to take this further without totally clearing out my bank account.

Is my system unbalanced, do I need more power, are my cable choices odd, etc?

Your experience and insight will be greatly appreciate.

Present system is as follows
Nait xs2
Hi cap dr
Tellurium q diamond jumpers( picked them up for 300 dollars second hand)
Tellurium q black din to din.

I live in Singapore and whilst I read many a story on trial and error, I would like to avoid this as much as possible.

Btw my speakers have about 50 hours maybe more on them.

Appreciate all response in advance, thank you.

If your speakers have 50 hours on them, I wouldn’t do anything. Your system looks balanced, but you may need much longer to play in the speakers - I’d give it another 3 months and see how they play out.

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Totally agree with Mike. When I first heard PMC 25.26 at my dealer they sounded awful. Next time I heard them I bought them, the first pair were still running in. Give it more time 50 hours is nothing.


Another vote for sticking with what you’ve got, at least for a while. The speakers will need time to run in, and you may be able to improve things by loonikg at your room acoustics too.
Only then would I consider changing any boxes.


Thanks guys.
From me and my wife.

Re acoustics

Yes been looking at that, I’ve an L shaped room
With stone floor but have laid some sisal on that.
Went and bought a load of plants today as the room is pretty minimal. I’m hoping that will help.

I’ve only bought second hand speakers before Soo this is new to me.
It’s odd how during an evenings listen all has seemed to drop into place, then the next morning…
Anyway thanks for advice I keep playing and see what happens in time.

No need to change anything - sometime in the future, you may feel you need a little more power, in that case a s/h SN2 will be perfect.


This sounds like you may have a problem with electrical interference being carried in on the mains. I also found that was causing a problem in my house when I used the ND5 XS / Nait XS2 combination. It’s difficult to diagnose this properly, but one thing you can do (which helped my setup) is to use big ‘clip on’ ferrite chokes on the mains leads. The type I found most effective were the Würth Elektronik 12mm type (part no 742 712 22 / 742 712 22S): wrap the cable around so it makes 2 passes through the choke.

Doing this as a test is a lot cheaper than trying most of the commercial ‘mains conditioners’ - most of which usually degrade the sound from the system (which the ferrites won’t do).

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Thanks for your time xanthe.

Sort of makes sense to me.
I am in a young vibrant country but live in an old house, so the vibrant daytime surge would affect my old house wiring. At night when all is quiet the interference is less? So my system sounds much better.
Interesting. If I’m reading correctly?

I’ll fathom your guidance over the next week.


Do beware of ferrites on any network cable however, it took me quite a while to work out why my server sounded so much better next to the router than running through CAT5e from another room. Then I thought to remove the ferrites and normal service was resumed.

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