Advice needed: add a power amp to atom?

Hello guys,

For 2 years now, I’m running a Uniti Atom with a pair of Scansonic MB2.5. I love it.

This is the Scansonic I have:

I’m really not a tech specialist. I bought that combo following the advice of a reseller.

I now understand the Scansonic MB2.5 may need more power than the Atom can give? They are too “big” for the Atom. Do you confirm?

Do you think adding a power Amp like the NAP 100 would improve the quality of the sound?

Thank you for your help and advices.


If you love it and are happy with how it sounds then I’d suggest you don’t worry about it. You’ve been perfectly happy for two years, which says it all really. I certainly wouldn’t add a 100. You are probably best saving up for something like an NDX2/Supernait 3 if you want to upgrade.

They are lovely looking speakers - very stylish.

I do love it, but I thought a “small” investment with the NAP100 could increase my pleasure :slight_smile: I have an opportunity to get a second hand NAP100 for 700€.

Indeed the scansonic mb2.5 are super stylish!

The NAP 100 will add little, the NAP 100 is 50 watts , the Atom 40 watts.

The NAP 100 was designed more to go with the Atom’s predecessor of the UnitiQute or the DAC V 1 preamp, which would make it a super little combo for reasonably efficient speakers.

It is a common question on this forum on how to take the Atom forward, I think many who heard them together say the Atom/NAP200 is a good match (not heard them together myself) .

My advice is that if you are happy, don’t rush in

Don’t! I bought my pre-loved NAP200 for 750€ and that works like a charm with the Atom and my Dynaudio loudspeakers. I am very happy with the result and it makes great music. More ‘confident’ than with the Atom alone if I would need to describe the difference.


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