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With the children getting older, not only do I have some residual income, but I have also started to rekindle my love for music. For functionality, I connected a Sonos Connect to my Technics 1500SL turntable which went into a Vincent PHO-701 tube pre-amp. The Connect then linked to two Sonos 3s I had in each corner of the room. However, the music bug has bit and I have just bought a new Naim Uniti Nova with Neat speakers. However, setting this system up has been a negotiation between my wife and I, so compromises have to be made!

Basically, if I wanted to position the Naim near the turntable, I would need to have in excess on 17 metres of speaker cable for each speaker to have them in the position I/we want. This cable would then need to run along the skirting boards and around the door farmers etc, and this was something I was not too keen on. The other option is that I somehow stream the music from the turntable to the Naim. I don’t really want to do down the Bluetooth route, even with the aptX HD available as I feel there would be a compromise with high-res. Ideally, I’d like to transmit over Wi-Fi so that higher resolution formats can be transmitted. From extensive research I have found that using two Sonos Connects (one connected to the turntable, the other to the Naim) would be my best bet. However, i wanted to know of others knew of a better system. From what I can understand the Connect may not transmit in high-res and I wondered if there were alternative out there?

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Hi, I suspect that digitising the output from your turntable via the Sonos setup would result in poor sound quality, but it would probably work. As it happens, the current range of Naim Uniti players also digitise the analogue input to allow multiroom use, I guess having two of them in the same room would be a step too far!
If your floor has carpet, it may be possible to run speaker cable underneath it with care, if that gives a shorter run?

Yes, I think that would be a step too far in getting two of them. Also, I have Amtico flooring, with a rug in the middle so laying the cable would not work.

Any other ideas are most welcome!

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