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Not sure which way to go with my naim nac92 nap 90 and flat cap. I’ve also got the naim MK2 headphone amp with separate power supply. I’m currently streaming from my Sonos from iTunes. Feeding a pair of 1982 Celestion SL6
I feel like the speakers have so much more to offer If I set up a sub or even a couple of good subs. I love the way the SL6 image and creat a wide sound stage. They sound great with digital or acoustic recordings the sound great. Maybe more complex music means more deflections. I’m sitting 3m away from my speakers no choice in that front :joy: I’m thinking a good Dac might help the speaker unravel or separate the more complex music. I’m pretty sure the speakers a telling me how poor some recordings are. :joy: So the plan was to buy the Apple TV 4k and plug that into a good Dac. Maybe a Denafrip Aries ii Or cord Hugo 2, Chord Qutest.
And a naim streamer NAC-272, NDX NDX BT or NDX 2 or NDS I’m thinking naim have given up on competing with Dac’s and headphone amps for now.
I’m also considering buying the Naim NAP 250-2 and the hi cap 2 was thinking that could go well with the NAC -272 :thinking: dose anybody have and thoughts or suggestions. I’m thinking I can connect the room app up and get visual of what I’m playing for Apple Music. Making it easy to look at and make play lists. On my 75” TV
Last but not least what headphones would you recommend for the naim headphone amp with a half decent Dac connected.


as I remembered the SL6s are 84dB sensitivity, and can use 100w power. The problem is that perhaps 92/90 are not enough, in power and quality terms, for them.

With a good but ‘hard’ and insensitive speaker, nothing can substitute for power. You’d probably be ok with another amp. It has not to be a pre-power, but I think that if you really want to get the most out of the SL6s you need something else.

Perfecting the source would probably only further make the 92/90 sound not up to the task.


The SL6s need big power to “wake them up” and even then, they were never the most exciting set of speakers. However, they are not a great match with your current electronics and frankly, along with the weak Sonos source, I reckon they are probably the part of the system holding back the rest. They set the template for modern speakers but have rather been left behind these days.

As for a streamer, DAC and headphone amp, you should listen to the ATom HE - you may be surprised at just how capable it is.

Get the Nap 250 and Nac 72. Major upgrade and a better match than the 92.

Get the 250-2 and hicap, use the 92 for a while. Then decide whether you want streaming from a Naim source of something else, say node 2i plus qutest or the TV. Upgrade the 92 accordingly.

I purchased Celestion SL6’s after struggling with two sets of highly rated (& more expensive) floor standing speakers that were simply too big for my listening room. I owned them from 1982 to 1991 & would agree with your statement. However I would also say that they were very balanced & produced a pleasant sound that could be listened to all day long, no ear splitting treble or boomy bass together with a clear, natural sounding mid range. Polite would be a good description.

I ran mine for the first 4 years with an A & R A60 &, honestly, never felt it struggling. When I got my first Naim, 32.5, Hi-Cap & 140, in 1986, they certainly benefited from the extra drive the Naims provided & I again felt my system was well balanced & producing a very acceptable sound.

A Hi-Fi retailing friend of mine heard my system & said he had some small stand mounts that maintained all the SL6 attributes but would sound more lively & detailed. He was right & I purchased a pair of ProAc Studio 1’s, replacing them with ProAc 118s in 2016 &, finally, ProAc DB1’s in 2019 (as part of a major system upgrade).

Different house but still a small listening room, hence continued reliance on small ProAc’s.

The point of this story is that, as much as you like the Celestions, they are very much out classed now & I think listening to alternative, similar sized, speakers will surprise you what improvement can be made in this area as well as the other suggestions people have made in this thread. I think you have some interesting listening ahead of you.

Well I took the plunge and got myself an NDX and boy oh boy what an improvement that was. And a bloody bargain with it. So here’s my next question I’ve brought some kudos 606 for an absolute steal. Which can be run between 25watts and 250 watts. Looking for the best speaker cable options. So I have an option of going active further down the Road. I have and olive 180 that needs a new fuse. I could get myself another olive 82 Pre-amp quite cheaply and sit with that for a wile. Have to say the only thing I really wanted more from from the the SL6 was a tighter bass. I’m sure a better Pre-amp and power amp from naim would be an interesting listen. Any way the 606 arrive on Wednesday so any ideas on speaker cables to get me up and running that would be better than the NAC 5 to be honest I never liked the the stiffness of the cable. But it has to be good value for the money. May something a little better any suggestions I’ll be looking for some more pre-owned begins that for sure :grin:

Can a 180 drive 606’s?

As you have ruled out the NAC A5, consider Kudos KS-1.

FWIW, I have the 606s and use NAC A5 that I’m very happy with.


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I have a set of A5 leads and have not found their oft reported stiffness to be a problem - and my cable runs have a number of 90 degree bends.

But… YMMV… :crazy_face: :thinking:

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It seems a bit perverse, to say the least, to come onto the Naim Forum, asking for advice on loudspeaker cable for Naim amps, but ruling out NACA5.

The OP must realise that probably more than 90% of Forum Members are using NACA5.

Funny old world!

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I agree with you.

My dealer told me to ‘be brutal’ with it. He was right.

You need to be very firm when bending it but the beauty of its’ stiffness is that it retains the bends & enables a nice, neat installation that is unlikely to move until you want/need to re-route it.


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