Advice on cheap entry to streaming

For the past couple of years I’ve been using a ProJect Bluetooth Box E to enable playback of a portable Sony device via Apt X and also Amazon music through my phone to my bedroom system.

Unfortunately the ProJect has died so I’m looking at a cheap entry level streamer that will also allow the Apt X connection and playback of Amazon Music either directly or via Bluetooth from my phone.

I’m thinking of a Bluesound Node as the upper limit of what I’d like to spend. I also want something that’s pretty much plug and play.

Any advice before I phone my dealer next week would be gratefully received.

Steve O.

Primare Prisma might be worth a look at £449, it has bluetooth, Airplay2, Spotify connect?


ifi Zen Stream.

Streams from anything. Just add DAC. Costs next to nothing.


Bluesound Node is hard to beat for affordable streaming and even beyond when used with a good external dac. The new Node (130) is especially nice. App is great and very stable. Interfaces for Apple, Windows, Android whatever you need. I have an NDX 2 on my primary system but also have 3 Nodes being used in my house wired and wifi.

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Another vote for the node here. If you want cheap bluetooth streaming though, chinese bt with aptx hd are cheap as chips on amazon or ebay etc.

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Bluesound Node or Allo Katana ( with included DAC) or Allo DigiOne ( without DAC) is what I use

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Bluesound Node if it is in your budget. Excellent piece of kit.

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How much is that?

Thanks for replies so far.
When I first found the Project had died this morning my first thought was to get another. But as it’s already failed once before (power supply) I’ve decided that at just under 2 years old it’s not reliable enough and a false economy. For that reason I want a good, solid, reliable unit for around the £500 mark.
I basically need to be able to do what the Project Box did, so Bluetooth Apt X, plus if it were to stream Amazon Music directly that would be great.
I only use the Amazon Music to audition potential vinyl purchases.

£549 is the price I’ve found online.

New Node or the Node 2i previously owned will do much more than you are asking for.

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On the popular auction site there is a Powernode 2I being shown at 360 pounds with a day or so to go. Just add speakers and its a bedroom system all in one.

Cheers but there’s a Nait5i, CD5i and Tannoy 603’s already in situ.

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Node 2i will suit that set up well imo.

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Apple AirPort Extreme / RCA to DIN, stream Airplay 2 from your choice of iDevice.

Move up to optical out & external DAC if that’s not good enough.

I started out with digital radio into the front 3.5mm Jack using an iPad and/or iPhone 4s.

Cheap as chips & works for me

Thanks but I don’t have any Apple devices.

Looks like it’s going to be a Node.
Thanks all for the advice.

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