Advice on Credo Speaker positioning please

I’ve had my NAC102/HiCap/CDX/NAP140 with Credo Speakers via Cord Odyssey 12 AWG cable for 20 years. Recently retired, so now focusing much more on music, particularly thanks to my new ND5 XS2. The HiCap and NAP 140 were recently serviced by WitchHat, and I went for the upgrade at the same time. I also upgraded to a NAC 82 which has given me slightly improved everything, but I’m still not sure I’m getting the best from my speaker positioning. I feel the bass could be tighter. All items on this Forum say Credo’s need careful positioning, and then they are brilliant. Unfortunately none of them say what that positioning is. Ideally I’d like a sharper bass, and perhaps that may only come if I go for a NAP 250 upgrade, but thought it best to check that the speakers are in their best position while I start saving for next upgrade.

Living room is fairly standard 11’ wide by 20’ long, with speakers each side of the fireplace. I’ve tried them recently toed in, and whilst that was improved at the sweet spot, it was worse anywhere else in the room, so I put them back, square to the rule.

I’ve tried nearer and further out, but was hoping to fast track my experimentation with other peoples experience and expertise. So any advice you can give on what you have done would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

P.S. Help yourself to a chocolate from the table if you reply

I had Credos for 15 years with close to a wall and they sounded very good. However for the last 18 months I moved them to a free space about 12-18 inches from the wall and the sound opened up nicely.

Toe in doesn’t work well with Credos. Ensure they are level and don’t rock. I never used the grilles.

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The Credos are a lovely speaker, so much that I have kept mine for a second system/back ups to my SBL’s.

My room is 21 x 12 feet so similar to yours, and the speakers fire across the room like yours. Mine have a TV on a low cabinet between them, with racks further off to the left than yours.

When using the Credos, best I ever got them was 30cm out from the rear wall, to the back edge of the speaker. Toeing in minutely improved the sweet spot as you rightly said, but were generally better for two channel TV listening when they were square to the wall. So that’s how we had them.


They look about right from your photo to me. Have you tried them with NAC A5 and SA8 plugs professionally made up with absolute precision?


The cable choice 20 years ago was in line with getting the wire through the Marble fireplace, so wont be changing them and also cannot remove them, but will lookup those plugs - thanks for the response

@Guinnless @Stephen_Tate many thanks for your quick responses - lovely to have consistency there. Currently mine are about 6 inches away (grills off when I can - fully agree). Just tried at 12 inches, and a definate improvement, so thank you so much. Problem is that they have noticeably moved, so perhaps I’ll slowly move them 1 inch a week so that you-know-who doesn’t notice. Thankfully the holes in the carpet seem to recover well :blush:

Would you both agree that the NAP 250 is the obvious next move to get the best from them?

Wasn’t sure what these were, but just checked, and I do have them on already - thanks

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I used mine with a NAP250 but you need a better preamp first.

After all this time, probably worth checking the torque on the woofers.

HH torqued mine on my conceptually similar Allaes to great effect.


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Thanks, but I do have a NAC 82 now as of last week :slight_smile:

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thanks - there was one that wasn’t quite as tight - doesn’t sound any different, but a good call none the less

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I had 82/HC/180 into Credos with LP12 front end. I had always (since I entered the naim world in 1990) planned to upgrade to a 250. Based on advice from a recognised dealer, I went for a Supercap first, then a while later I got a 52, then I did get my 250.

Each made a noticeable improvement. With buying olive gear, I think one has to be flexible and pick the right item when it comes up.

I don’t know about the 140, I went from 90 to 180, but I think you would be fine with a 250 in your set up.

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If the cost isn’t an issue I’d swap the Credos for SBLs. They are so much better and you can simply put them as close to the wall as physically possible. Then swap the 140 for a 250 and you’ll be in musical heaven.


Thanks @hungryhalibut but I had enough problems getting the Credos into the house, so dare not suggest anything bigger. SWMBO would prefer invisible speakers - I love their look

I take it as read that the lower boxes don’t rock and that the spikes pierce the carpet to the floor below and are done up ‘hard tight’.

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The SBL is actually smaller, and by going against the wall takes up far less space.


Thanks @Christopher_M, I’ve just been reading up on this, and they dont rock, but probably needs a closer look. They are now at 8 inches from the wall, so once I get to 12 inches, I’ll take a closer look, and if necessary I thought I may consider placing some Naim Chips in the underlay, although may need some precise measurements to get that right

Oh, I always though the Credos were smallest - I’ll look those up, and put those on the “possible future investments” - thanks

The ‘funny’ shape of SBLs can be off-putting to the fairer sex. Great speaker though and I heard them when they first came out at a musical evening host by Naim. Always wanted a pair but never got there.

The 82 is going to help a lot, let that settle in for a bit. Make sure the Credos are well spiked as others have said. No rocking.

I had a pair of Credos prior to SBLs and must admit that the SBLs knocked them out of the park when they arrived, and initially at least, I had only a 140 driving them. My memory is that the bass from the Credos was always a bit soft and dull. SBLs are faster, sharper and just more interesting, although not bass heavy by any means. My wife preferred their ‘cut away’ look incidentally, makes them appear smaller and being hard against the wall reduces their visual impact.

My experience of the CDX was a rather bright sound and the ND5 XS2 may show that up. If you are committed to the CDX in the long term then an XPS on that helps a lot. Not huge money s/h.

Enjoy retirement. I am just over a year into mine, although it has not been the most straightforward one!