Advice on Future System Options

Hi…this is my first post, so please be gentle.

Our system is a CD5+Hi-Line+Hi-Cap / 202+Napsc+Hi-Cap / 200 / SBL’s which used pretty much everyday and has served as well over the last 10 years, and we have hundreds, if not thousands of CD’s.

We want the ability to access the CD’s in a more manageable way, through some type of storage device, plus be able to use streaming service such as Amazon music and /or Spotify.

I don’t have any preset system ideas, but my priorities are that I don’t want to sacrifice music quality, for the sake of convenience, and I can’t afford thousands of pounds funding all new kit, outside of this I’m open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance…

Source first here I think.

Streaming and/or CD player upgrade IMHO. Depends on your budget. :smiley:

You might be better of posting this in the Streaming section.

I’d have thought a NAS and an ND5XS would be a good basis for discussion?

The Innuos Zen mini mk3 would rip and store your cd,s so you can browse them, select and play. In addition it gives you access to Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal and internet radio. They currently cost £899 new. If the Innuos fits your needs you could sell the cd5 and buy a second hand ndac.

I’m with Gazza here - a Zen Mini Mk3 will allow you to rip your CDs pretty easily and play them, plus Tidal/Spotify/Qobuz and iRadio, connected to your preamp.
This may not be up there with a Naim streamer in terms of sound quality, but if you later decide to upgrade to a streaming source in line with your current system, the Zen will still be useful as a music store, ripper etc.
Having said that, have a look at used NDX prices, there are bargains out there.

Thanks for the reply Gazza…I visited a local dealer on the weekend and they recommended the Innuos, but added I should consider changing the 202 for a 272.

The bit I’m really struggling with is the front end of the system and the options that are open to us. We love our Naim sound and don’t want to sacrifice any of that with a change in system.

Thanks for the reply Guinnless…Essentially we want to move away from CD’s to a more convenient music source, but without sacrificing the NAIM sound.

I’m happy to reinvest the funds (plus a little bit if needed) from selling the CD / Hi-line / Hi-Cap, but its trying to figure out the path to go down.

Thanks again

If you like your current system sound then I would trade in the CD5 source for a streamer, a used NDX or new NDX 2. Add a Synology or QNAP NAS and rip your CD’s. You now have access to all your music from the NAS and the streamer will provide access to internet radio or streaming services such as TIDAL and Spotify. The setup process is easy with the hardest part (for me anyway) was the time spent on ripping the CD’s to the NAS. All the music is available at my finger tips via my iPad or phone.

The main source for my music is my NAS, I also have a HiFi subscription to TIDAL and occasionally listen to internet radio all via the streamer.

I find that my NAS > NDX 2 > SuperNait 2 > NAC A5 > NAIM Ovator S-400 offers a very nice musical system the my wife and I enjoy.

Lots of way to go with today’s technology out there. Good luck with your decision.

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A 272 could be a good option to consider, not least on cost, as it runs Naim’s old streaming platform which all other models have moved on from - so you should expect to pick one up at a bargain price. It allows you to get rid of quite a few boxes too. To my ears, it only really comes into its own when powered by a rather expensive PSU, though, such as an XPS, but you can make those decisions with your own ears and the help of a dealer.
You will still need a NAS, though, which is going to cost you perhaps another £300, whereas the Innuos does everything.

The 272 is a great preamp dac, if Naim announce a replacement at Munich in May, second hand prices will tumble and make it affordable? The NAS is a cheaper option than the Innuos zen, as the 272 will do the Spotify etc.

Keep the Hiline. :blush: Sell the CD player and get pre-loved ND5XS. If you are computer literate then you can use that to rip CDs to a NAS.
You’ll have only changed the source and you can decide where to go from there.

A Naim streamer player (ND-series) is a great choice. The newest models (ND5XS2, NDX2, ND555) have Naim’s newest software which is much more friendly with Airplay, Chromecast, Bluetooth, etc. If in the budget, I’d recommend an ND5XS2 or NDX2.

The player needs to be on your home network. And you need a server. For a server, there have been some good suggestions in this thread already; something that (1) rips the cds, (2) stores the files and (3) serves the music over your network would be ideal. An all-in-one cd ripper/storage/server. The Naim Core does all this, but I cannot readily recommend it as its functionality is pretty limited compared to the others mentioned, and its a bit pricey.

Having done some research on the advice received I’m airing on the side of either a 272 or an NDX2, with the Innuos Zen, Is this a combination anyone has any experience of ?

Also is the NDX2 upgradeable with an external PSU? I believe the NDX2 can be upgraded with an XPS


And again no-one recommends the Core?
Is there no love at all for it…

I’m more than happy with mine…

Is it significantly better then the Innuos?

I think the Innuos sounds better, the Core also lacks the flexibility of the Innuos.

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But it does perfectly complement the 272
Or that’s what I found when I had one…

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Had one? Past tense. What did you move to?

Upgrade to the NDX 2 from the Naim Web Page:

The NDX 2 features an integrated low-noise power supply with a custom-designed toroidal transformer and separate windings for the digital and analogue sections. However, the player can be upgraded with an external XPS DR or 555 PS DR power supply, giving you a marked increase in sonic authority and emotion.

A Zen Mini Mk3 will get you up and running as it has a built in DAC, and will run Tidal/Spotify/Roon etc, as well as ripping, storing and playing your CDs and downloads. The Core has no DAC, and will not run Tidal/Spotify/Roon, and it’s double the price, so you would need to add a DAC/streamer too.

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