Advice on new purchase

I am proposing to buy a Uniti Star, and a pair of Focal Sopra 2 speakers. Will the Uniti Star have sufficient power to drive these speakers on its own or would I be better advised to add additional amplification, and what would be recommended?

How did you come to settle on that pairing?
Have you considered if you’ll evolve the system further longterm?
Have you tried Kanta, Aria or Chora as a likely more synergistic pairing?

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Yes, interesting combo. That’s alot of speaker for a Star and not a balanced setup.


If you want those particular speakers and want the best out of them but don’t want more than 2 boxes you could consider getting an integrated amp like the sn3 and if you need a cd player/streamer maybe a innuos zen mini mk 3 as a source or something similar. You should probably find a knowledgeable dealer near you as they can lead you to the combo’s that sound best.

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Kanta 2 / ndx2 / sn3 would be a more balanced system than sopra 2 front ended by a star.


I think I would exactly echo those sentiments

Star would be entry level CD, bit more level streaming, medium amp
Won’t match Sopra’s at all, very unbalanced.

I’d say minimum Nova and lower Focals (if it needs to be)

CD player need to be separate.


The simple advice is not to buy that system. Adding additional amplification won’t help as the limitations of the Star will still be there. You simply don’t pair a £4,000 all in one with £12,000 speakers. You just don’t.

Much better would be an NDX2 and Supernait 3, with more modest speakers. As well as Focals, there are loads out there that match well. But wherever you do, don’t get the Star and the Sopra 2. I wonder why you thought of getting this setup.


Years ago I heard PMC FACT speakers driven by a previous generation Uniti .

It was in the early years of streaming and I guess it was at MP3 level , it was painful .

All I can say is don’t buy it , if xhogo wants to go down that route and indeed if I wanted to go down that route , I would have a look at the Star/matching Focal speakers as a first choice.

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I agree with the suggestion to buy a supernait 2 and a decent streamer - Ndx2 then a pair of speakers that will achieve the same budget. The uniti range has it’s limitations across the board - excellent background but not comparable to separates imo.

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The Sopra 2s are high end speakers. Pairing with the Uniti Star would mean your source won’t get the best from your speakers.

There’s alot of information on this forum about high end speakers with lower end amps/ sources.

Many favour going for better amplification and sources into cheaper speakers rather than what you are proposing.

For what it’s worth I went for Focal Aria 936s into quite a high end separates system. To me my system is balanced.

For me the Sopra 2s are worthy of a 500 system. A minimum would be 282, HiCap DR, 250 with NDX2 and XPSDR.

A 552 with 500 and ND555 with 555PS would be the ideal partner to the Sopra 2s.

If you want the Uniti Star the Focal Arias would be a good bet.


Here we go, has anyone ever heard this combination?


I have a Nova (w/ Powerline and NACA5) paired with Focal Chora 816. The speakers also have Isoacoustics Gaias which are so good and such an improvement they need mention. (Also have the Orea under the Nova.)

The 816s continually impress me. Lots of speaker for the money. Were I to spend unnecessarily I’d listen to the Kanta and Sopra 2s. But in the meantime I contemplate a sub. When I really am honest…a sub isn’t needed. Yeah…if I did go for what I’d get if money were no object (300 DR…) it would be incredible. But as they say, once you get into the realm of…a Star/ Uniti (I also had an Atom and they are no joke) or higher up the ladder of audio joy, double the money gets you a 10-20% improvement in sound.

So I say…listen. I’d really love to spend time with Sopra 2s with my Nova. But again, the Choras…I have also heard that the difference between the Chora and Aria lines doesn’t justify that price difference. The Chora line cabinets are farmed out, the only cabinets Focal do not make themselves (I believe.) That, it seems to me, explains why they sound so good? Same technology with cost saved in the sub-contracting. (I don’t like the subbing aspect…but…)

And…you don’t say, have you listened to the pairing? If the cash isn’t an impediment, I’m sure you’d not regret it. It is a WONDERFUL thing to have sound that satisfies ME coming from one box. Amazing. And with it, you can dream of other places to put $100,000…

I bet the Star, Chora 826s and a sub would be an outstanding system. And you could invest the rest…(or the Nova with a CD player if you need. But you just burn all your CDs and not need an everyday player. The Nova is another notch up. The difference between the Nova and Atom (and again the Atom is a little beast) in a punch in the chest. The Star lies between…

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Maybe the scenario is most average people focus on speakers:

Customer walk into shop
Wants the most expensive speakers and happy with one Uniti box only.

Few sellers would say nope
Some might advise for other combinations
But if customer insist.

Maybe Thread starter would comment ?


I heard a Uniti Star trying to drive Sopra 1 speakers. It couldn’t do it.

I can only imagine how less successful the Star will be with the much larger Sopra 2.

Best readers, BF


Okay, I’m not sure of the spec of the Star but heard the Sopra 2s with the NDX/SN and it was mighty good, and equally my experience of hearing a Nova with Sopras and Titan 505/606s and indeed the Linn Selekt with the 505s was that these modern one box systems are extremely flexible. But of course there is a clear difference between working well and being optimised.

Have to say though the Star looks an extremely well specified piece of equipment, good CD player that rips, streamer and radio. Combined with best speakers for the room very attractive proposition.

As ever demo essential and with speakers of that spec at home.



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