Advice on next step, please

Need help with my next step, had planned to down grade my PMC twenty 26’s but I may take a different route.

  1. Add an ndac
  2. Add a nac 282
  3. Add a nap 250dr
    Realistically at the moment only have the budget to do one step, cost wise the ndac would be a straight purchase so probably the least expensive option, plus it would only benefit the streaming side.
    P/ex either my 202 or my 200dr for either a 282 or 250dr will be more costly, thought both would benefit the system as a whole.
    Thinking the speakers would definitely benefit from the 250dr so kind of leaning that way first.
    Members advice and recommendation would be very useful, thanks in advance.

Start at the beginning!
Your streaming source is relatively weak compared to your existing amp, and the gap would only widen if you upgrade the amp first.
That aside, a 282 would be a great move. It partners the 200 well despite the 250 being its natural partner. The 250, on the other hand, doesn’t match the 202 so well, and I would strongly recommended that you don’t pair them, despite the 250 being a great power amp.


I agree with @ChrisSU. If it was my money and being on a budget I’d scoop up the bargain nDac first (you’ll need a dc1 cable) then save for a 282 which should be easy to find now that the New classic range is available. The nDac is likely harder to find as the word is out on how good it sounds.

Can you afford to get the dac, the 282 and the 250 in a reasonable timescale? If not, swap the 26s for 23s.

That was my original idea but just struggling to let the 26’s go, will never be in a position to own a speaker of this level but I totally get your point.
Realistically to purchase everything I would be looking at 12 months or perhaps sooner if I can sell some of my other items of Hifi that are not in use anymore.

The ndac is a very sensible choice regardless of any further steps, as you pointed out, before they become even harder to source.

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Thanks for your reply, why is the 202 one of the only pieces equipment that doesn’t seem a popular match with the 250dr, the 250dr if very often matched with a large range of Naim products but nobody seems to like or recommend the 202/250dr pairing, find that strange is there a specific reason.

It’s for some reason not considered a happy partnership based on results from listening. If you have unused stuff then get shot of it and build a nicely balanced system. Quite honestly, if you are going to be able to do it in a year or maybe less, just grab bargains as they appear. It will all come good in the end.


You are obviously very wedded to your speakers.

Speaking as someone who once ran a CDS3 into a Nait XS and some SBLs, I would keep your existing amp and speakers and up your source as far as you can. Is there a Naim streaming box at the level of the CDS3 or higher? I have no idea, but if there is, I would get one of those. I think you could be as pleased as I was.

Hope it works out for you, whichever path you choose.



I’m certainly not saying that the 202 is a poor preamp, it’s one I could happily live with. Generally, as any experienced Naim dealer will tell you, it’s better to get the best preamp you can afford, and then upgrade the power amp to the same level, which means 202/200, 282/250, 252/300 etc. My own dealer demonstrated this to me some years ago, setting up a 202/250DR and then a 282/200. The latter was more coherent, had a better soundstage, and was easy to listen to. The 250 had more punch, and it drives more demanding speakers that could be too much for a 200, but it was a bit dull by comparison. I bought the 282/200, and then added the 250 a couple of years later.


I appreciate your reply what you have pointed out now makes total senseI didn’t take it that you were saying the 202 was a poor preamp at all I just found the lack of understanding on my part as to why it doesn’t work with a 250dr but after your reply I realise the likely reason.
After looking through many posts on the forum and from the replies to my thread I feel that moving forward is definitely clearer.
I will probably go with the ndac first, sell a few bits and pieces then acquire a 282, I’m sure both of these steps will bring positive results then hopefully finish off with the 250dr, hopefully it won’t take too long :crossed_fingers:


Another possible consideration is your phono stage, if vinyl is still an important part of your listening. I had an LP12 for many years, and latterly bought a Rega Fono, because I couldn’t be bothered with a Stageline which would have required a Hicap. I was never really happy with the Rega even though I’d heard it working well with Rega turntables. Maybe something else you could investigate.

I’m sure I read somewhere that it is possible to power a stage line from a 282 but not sure if this is correct or I may have miss understood, maybe another option in the future if it indeed is possible.

Yes, a 282 can power it but this was some time before I bought the 282.

Sounds like I have a lot to go at over the coming months, will have to start saving my ice cream money😉

If you are buying secondhand as I assume you must be given the advent of the New Classic series, I’d recommend picking up bargains when they appear.
The NDAC seems to be well liked as an upgrade for the NDXS2 and the 282 will slot in nicely as you already have a HiCap. I’d leave the 250 until you have the 282 though. Happy hunting on second hand sites. I’m sure you will locate some bargains and you will end up with a fantastic system.

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I did wait until the new classic line came out hopeful that the prices would be in my budget but just a bridge too far for me.
The benefit buying s/h at the moment seems to be the large amount of items for sale as people upgrade to the new range and although my kit is probably worth less now so are the items I’m looking to buy so could work out.
It’s a shame members can’t sell equipment on the forum which would be ideal but I understand the reason it’s not allowed, shame .


I think I know Naim stuff well. If you really want other members’ opinions and experiences, here’s mine.
I have had 202/200, 202/200DR and 282/250. In hindsight, I think that 202/200 (DR or not) is a excellent combo, that I preferred to 282/250. Your system looks balanced and very satisfying to me.

I have scarce experience of PMC speakers, but am no huge fan of the ones I heard. My taste, sorry.

If you are only feeling upgrade itch, try to resist it. If you are not satisfied with what you have, I wonder if you’d be with something else. But before ditching a 202/200 combo, I’d very carefully try other solutions.

Best anyway,


Morning Max,

Appreciate your response all input is helpful, interesting that you preferred the 202/200 combo compared to the 282/250 could you expand a little on why?

My original intention was to simply down scale my speakers to get a better balance as I alloways felt and read that the 26’s needed a better front end but the cost was much of the issue.
My theory now is any improvement I can make to the electronics will benefit me regardless of the speakers I end up with.

The price of Classic separates is likely to drop further as their replacements actually become available. People will start trading in their amps when the 332 becomes available, so you may find that a little patience pays off.