Advice on speaker cables

Could anyone advise on speaker cables to go from a Naim Uniti Atom to a pair of KEF LS50s and to a KEF KC62 subwoofer? This is my first decent setup and I know almost nothing about speaker cables. My budget is £500. Any specific brand recommendations would be helpful as I am feeling rather overwhelmed. Thanks!

Many here will tell you this, Naim kit loves Naim cables.
A very large percentage of us use it and it is great, but very inflexible🤷🏻‍♂️
Welcome, by the way. We’re a friendly bunch, even on Christmas Day😊


Definitely worth searching on ‘Atom speaker cables’.

Try looking at the recent thread ‘help with speaker wires’. While NAC A5 would certainly work well with your system I would suggest cheaper alternatives as more appropriate (eg Linn K20). I used NACA5 for at least 20 years but it’s physically inflexible, which could be a problem in some settings, and also far from cheap now. Others will disagree

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Ideally ask a dealer if he could lend you a couple of brands to try. My preference is Chord Odyssey but that’s with Kudos speakers.

Hey Dan, Happy Christmas, I’ve got Ls50 metas and a pair of KC62’s, I use Kudos KS-1 speaker cable, there are a lot of fans of it in here, great sound and outstanding value for money.

It now comes in both the original white and now black I believe.

Thanks! That’s very helpful!

Ah ok – awesome!



So would I.

Linn K20 is so inexpensive, trying it has to be a good option.

I thought that NACA5 and Linn K20 cost more or less the same.

Isn’t K20 exactly the same cable as NACA4 used to be? If so, I wonder why Linn didn’t change their cable when Naim changed theirs to NACA5.

As I remember, QED79 used to be the cable of choice for anyone who wasn’t prepared to pay to get the Linn or the Naim cables.

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K20 is £6 per metre and NAC A5 is £39. QED79 was the default cheapie option as long ago as the 1970s, before there was much discussion about the effect of speaker cables on sound quality. I had a pair with my Kans and Nait 2 in the 70s, bought from the Sound Factory in Loughborough.

Please tell me that you had a basic spec LP12 to go with the Nait2 and the Kans! That was the epitome of the first serious music system all those years ago.

I have have a late (CD version) Nait2, which I’m about to press into service in a pleasingly retro ‘bedroom system’.

No I wasn’t rich enough in those days! It was a Rega Planar 2 (or maybe a 3?, my memory fails me!)

That’s weird! I was just about to add to my post that, if you couldn’t stretch to an LP12, you would almost certainly have gone for a Rega Planar!

I can’t remember any more what difference there was between the Planar 2 and the Planar 3. A glass or a ceramic platter, a different tonearm perhaps?

I have 2 x 2.5m Tellurium Q Silver II for my Naim Uniti Star to power my Focal Sopra N.1. I think that’s pretty much on your budget. There’s also TQ Black II if you worry that TQ Silver II will sounds too bright for you (tho’ not for me at all), that will save some from your budget.

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I would try kudos ks-1, its very flexible and £30 per metre.

Nooooooo… As @AndrewG says above - K20 is ‘only’ around £6-00 per meter - absolute steal.

It should (IMO) be far more popular that it seems to be (unless people don’t admit to using it - being so cheap and from Linn…?).

K20 is quite similar to Naim A4 - but not to A5.

Naim A4 was £1 per metre when introduced - that’s what I paid, in 1982 - and was what I was still using until recently, when I bough some A5 leads, pre-loved.

Naca 5 and 4 is readily available on the used market within your budget.