Advice & Opinions on Atom Headphone Edition to Nap 100 Connection (XLR,4 PIN DIN,RCA))


I have the Atom HE and love this bit of kit with my headphones, I have also been connecting a Nap 100 via TQ Black RCA’s with good results so I can run my bookshelf speakers also.

I am currently changing over all my cables to the Chord Epic range and exploring the options below to connect the Atom to the NAP 100.

Headphone output XLR - 4 PIN DIN
sticking with RCA-RCA

Wanting to use Chord Epic range for either option.
Any Advice and Opinions wanted please?


The XLRs on the Atom are balanced so you wouldn’t use these into an unbalanced input such as a Naim power amp.
Where there’s an option to use DIN it’s generally best to do so with any Naim gear, so I would go RCA to DIN. If you already have a good cable that’s RCA both ends I’m sure it’ll be fine, but if you’re ordering a new one go for RCA to DIN.

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