Advice paid for with beer

Shortcuts to the black-magic art of getting what you already have bought to sound at the top of its game.

It was two at the last count.

Tell us about your system and how long you have been a Naim owner. Post your photo again.

Might be better under HiFi Corner @Richard.Dane.


I’ve moved this to the Hifi Corner. Maybe a different thread title?

My list (some obvious, but some people never tell you!):
Separate the phono stage away from power sources
Buy long legs on hifi racks to give the 252 space around it
Pushed the speakers right back to the wall as bass was non existent
Leave the Naim kit on all the time
Hifi stand makes a huge difference
Chord Sarum T jump links are way better than the default bars joining the speaker terminals
Not sure what the pipe insulation does but giving it a try
Flux Hifi Sonic stylus cleaner is worthwhile

One other I was told - leaving Din cables plugged in but not clamped

I’ll reclaim my beer at The Bell Selsley!



Started in 2008 with Naim amplifier - NAC122X NAP150X, Clearaudio Emotion TT, Dynaudio standmount speakers, and have gradually replaced all except the speaker stands!

@filipe one evening next week ?

Have you tried the speaker positioning advice ‘Creating a Soundstage ‘ on HiFi Corner? It may help you get a good bass response. Just need to play Jennifer Warnes Ballad of the Runaway Horse from the Remastered Famous Blue Raincoat etc. But can you put the racks to the side?


Thanks Graham. Yep or day time if you are retired.



I prefer the woolpack in Slad but great views from the Bell

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Rather popular. Laurie Lee’s old haunt. How near are you?

A couple of miles at the head of the Slad valley.
What about yourself?

Towards the M5

A bit before my time, although my uncle knew him and his widow may seen in the bar from time to time. But I’m a fan of Uley bitter - that’s what takes me there, although there are other excellent beers around.

Drawn by the spotted pig! I mostly drink cider. So refreshing on a hot day.

Thanks, Filipe. I wasn’t aware of the Jennifer Warnes rerelease; just listened on Spotify and ordered a copy of the CD. Ballad of the Runaway Horse is a great track - should be even better when the CD arrives!

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They chap from my local hifi shop used the J Warnes track to sort the bass and sweet spot for my PMC’s - I think he has read that article for sure! But it works if you can get it right :slight_smile: