Advice please on my superuniti

I have a 2012 superuniti and it is fed by an old vortexbox which is out of support. I only listen to classical music and the tagging is a continual pain. So my question, kind ppl, is should I forget ripping cds and just buy a CD transport and if so (a) which one and (b) what do you see on the superuniti display when you use it- do you see the full CD information on disc and track or just something like “track 1”.

I’d suggest moving the files to a nas - presumably they are in flac and not WAV- and running MinimServer upnp software. It’s great for classical though a bit of a fiddle to set up. Why not get the music as downloads, for example from Qobuz, Presto or direct from labels such as Hyperion. Playing CDs certainly won’t give you the information you seek, and I’m pretty sure you’d see nothing at all as you are simply using an analogue input.


Thank you!

Can I ask another daft question. Ppl talk here about selling their old kit. Where do ppl sell?

I generally sell mine on Pink Fish, though you need to be an active member before you can sell. It’s much better than giving money to eBay, but their max £1 selling fee offers can be very useful. There are various other places too, and you can of course trade in with your dealer.


We have a 2013 non Bluetooth SuperUniti. Serviced 2020.

Not being sold! Its a fantastic home office system, a very capable unit and powerful dynamic amplifier. We have no need of Tidal/Spotify/etc. in office.

Used exclusively with a Synology NAS and internet radio. What’s displayed for tracks on the display depends on quality of metadata on NAS. We use dbPowerAmp and have ripped 1000s of CD. 98% of rips fill in metadata perfectly from internet databases, but some classical/opera CD need manual tweak and also rare/unusual CDs need entry. But very easy to rip/maintain.

I’ll only move on the SuperUniti when our 272 becomes the office system.

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This is all very helpful thank you. I like the superuniti sound and I expect I wouldn’t get much for it on trade in - though my dealer is indeed very keen for me to get a unitistar :joy: . I’ll have a look at new server systems

Your dealer has a point in that the Star can play CD as well as ripping them. The only drawback is that the current Naim CD ripper/servers are extremely basic in the way they handle metadata, making them particularly ill suited to Classical music where if you want to search for a particular composer, orchestra etc.
This may or may not bother you, as we all browse music in our own way, but I would suggest that you get your dealer to allow you to thoroughly demo the Star for CD ripping ability as well as sound quality if you’re considering it.

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I have had to do all my own editing using bliss in the past and j am getting a bit tired of it. I do wonder if I might as well go back to old school amp and CD player as I hope to have a bit more room for my cds soon

I used Bliss for a while and it’s not very useful imo.

Dbpoweramp is much easier and intuitive. You can mount your NAS as a network drive and do your editing on the fly which is nice.

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I use a Nova , probably the spiritual successor to the Superuniti.

I use it for streaming Radio 3 , amplification from the Sky Box and use a legacy Naim CD player that sends out a digital signal.

Prior to the Naim being adapted , I borrowed an Audiolab 6000 CDT . It’s an audiophile bargain at under £400 , my dealer tells me he has sold several to customers with high end Naim systems

A Star will give you access to much better streaming options.

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When you use the audio lab or legacy Cd player what does the display look like? Do you see the cd title snd track in the superuniti or on the audio lab? Trying to work out what the interface would be. Streaming probably less of a priority as I have a large physical collection. But I am very interested in using an audio lab cd transport if the interface works

I might do that as well as getting a cd transporter.

I think you might be surprised at trade in value.

Several advertised online at naim dealers recently, and all for more than we paid in late 2019.

If you don’t need cutting edge features the SuperUniti is still a very capable one box system and a very good amplifier in its own right.

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I do like my superuniti sound snd that’s important for me. I am wondering about getting a synergy mad (which model??) and installing either minim server or the db thing. It needs to be easy to edit as realistically my classical collection has lots of stuff not on anybody’s tag meta databases. Some of it was typed in by bored ppl in sheds in the 1970s snd says things like “more bl**dy Beethoven” and “dunno” or it’s in Japanese :joy:. (No disrespect to the language which luckily I actually speak a bit but you’re not going to find it in a database)

Synergy nas sorry

NAS model you need depends on storage requirements.

We run Synology DS220+ with 2xSSD. 3TB. Drive redundancy, so some protection from failure. Cloud backup built in (you’ll need to buy cloud storage) which means any music dropped onto NAS hits Google overnight. Entire music collection available in the gym!

Asset uPnP, some seem to prefer MinimServer for Classical.

For metadata management there are loads of windows/Mac tools to do the edits. Windows 10 mp3tag (free) is excellent and really easy to use.

We’ve gone from entirely physical to entirely digital over 18 months and now can’t imagine picking up or buying a CD unless it was for the car!

p.s. the SuperUniti sound is fab, but you can always invest in better lol

This is all so helpful. When you used the audio lab, where did the cd display show- on the uniti or on the audio lab? I assume you just plug it into one of the digital inputs of the superuniti?

Storage I guess it’s only about 2000 cds so not huge…though I can always buy more.

[quote=“IainO, post:18, topic:20154”]
Synology DS220+ with 2xSSD. 3TB.
Embarrassingly stupid question. Looking at synergy NAS. Where is the CD drive? How do you actually rip a cd onto it?

Ah, the display is a standard CD display, there is no transfer of data to my Nova.

All it says is track 1 , 2 or 3 etc

Apologies for not answering you.

The Audiolab is very good sound for not a lot of money

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