Advice re: Selling NAIM kit

Hello All - I have some NAIM I am looking to sell which I have owned from new. I do not know much about selling used amps and hence wanted to ask if anyone can direct me to a reliable company/ site they have used in the past ? Many thanks/ KJRDB

For a safe sale a Naim dealer.
You’d make more money on eBay but you’d need to be more careful if you are not experienced.

May have been lucky, but over the years I have realised c. £23,000 from sales of Naim equipment on eBay without a hitch. The sales were to 10 different countries worldwide.

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thank you


Same here, you do hear horror stories about ebay, but I suspect they are rare, and mostly avoidable by keeping your wits about you. I’ve never had a problem.
My dealer takes trade-ins, sells them on ebay, and gives you the proceeds, so it must work well for him, too.

I’ve never lost money on Naim kit on eBay but scammers are out there and I’ve had to relist a couple of items.

I’ve sold all my Naim gear on eBay. In most cases I have sold them for virtually the same price as what I paid for them as I buy used mainly.

It offers a wide marketplace. You do have to factor in their fees which are about 10% of the sale price.

Just be careful of postage costs on the international market. I have ended up not being able to send items overseas!

Your local dealer will need to make a profit so you will loose more that way.

You could try PFM, there are other places to sell too. eBay is probably most popular.

Good luck!

Where do you live? The online markets and ability to sell via a dealer do vary from country to country.

I live on the south coast of England near Eastbourne. Have had some time wasters on eBay but I have sold to buyers in Europe. What about you?

Tom Tom Audio?

Audiogon is a reputable site. The term ‘pre-loved’ should be avoided at all cost.

In the States, I’ve either traded to my dealer for upgrades, or sold via Audiogon.

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