Advice Required For Keeping Unused Amplifiers

Is there a proper way of keeping unused amps so that they don’t go bad? The amps will be on a rack for say 6 months or 1 year, unused.

Is it necessary to occasionally power up or use the amp to prolong its life? If yes, what is the recommended frequency?

For that short a period I would not expect any issues, provided kept within its recommended temp range (and a normal home will meet that), and dry: loft or garage are often not the best. Or hermetically seal in plastic to keep humidity out.


Put it in a box, keep the dust away, and the spiders out. Recently pulled our Meridian 101/103D out of the loft where it’s been for around two year (picture on the forum, somewhere). Sounds as good as it did when it went into storage - and it’s pushing 40 Years old!

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Thanks for the responses which were appreciated.

I’d caution about leaving nice things in lofts. These places tend to have huge temperature swings. A friend left a guitar in a loft for a year. The neck was badly twisted when he brought it out. And needed a new neck. Capacitors degraded whether in service or not. Temperature just accelerates it. Cool and dry is usually the best place to store stuff.


Yes, I think temperature stability is important. Not least because they can cause condebsation, especially in the relatively humid UK climate. Sealing the unit in a plastic bag with silica gel would help, which is why items are often shipped like this.

But coming back to the beginning, if on a rack for a few months means within a normal living room space I wouldn’t worry about it in the slightest - these other considerations are only really when you are going to put them somewhere else.

Thanks for all responses. It’s good to know there wouldn’t be any issue with the amps sitting on the rack like this for a long period.

Probably a good idea to energise the amp from time to time, electrolytic capacitors don’t like to be idle for too long. Energising them helps them to keep their Internal ‘form’ And preserve their insulation properties.


Yes, I was thinking about that as well, powering up the amps in every 6 to 8 months just to recharge the capacitors.

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