Advice sought on speakers to match NAIT 2

Have just bought a nait 2 to see me through the quarantine so great to listen to my vinyl but I believe my speakers are most likely mismatched so not doing it justice. Sound does not sound as warm as I recall but maybe my nostalgia…First time on here so please forgive my lack of experience. Am hoping to improve my setup to complement the other equipment I have. I have my original Rega 3 and Rega arm (from the 80’s) serviced and rewired a few years ago, a Rega bias 2 cartridge (red MM), a recently acquired naim nait 2 amp (olive) and a pair of mission 733 biwireable speakers (8 ohms and recommended 20-100 w per ch!) Am planning to use my 4m length naim NAC spkr cables once I retrieve them from storage so currently using 5metre Gale XL 315 heavy duty spkr cable.

I appreciate I probably need to get the nait 2 recapped but is not an option right now. As am unable to audition any speakers due to quarantine (and conscious there is a personal element to this) so any recommendations as to how I can improve the sound would be gratefully received. Am expecting recs may be for vintage speakers maybe Linn Index I, II ? but I am also open to buying new if best route and would welcome suggestions from the well informed on this forum.

The room is 4 metres x 5 metres and am expecting I would put speakers on stands so not wall mounted. Carpeted, two sofas, floor to ceiling curtains and 2 floor to ceiling book cases if that makes any difference? My speakers could be sited near a wall or away. I tend to listen at med to low volumes and do not play loud. I wish to remain happily married despite the quarantine hence reluctantly not entertaining the idea of Quad ESLs. Any suggestions much appreciated. Thanks

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Without spending too much, you could try well preserved old classics such as Spendor SP2/3, Rogers LS7 or JBL monitors.


Welcome along :slight_smile:

As you only intend to play music at a modest volume, then the Nait2 will more than meet your needs with an efficient pair of speakers. I’d match with period classics sourced off the auction site - examples such as Heybrook HB1, Mordaunt Short MS20, Monitor Audio 252 (or 352), or possibly Linn Kans. All, save the Kan are pretty cheap and should work in a 4x5m room. Combine them with the RP3 & Nait2 and you have a modest old school 80s flat earth system that will play music beautifully.

Once the health crisis is over, consider if the Nait2 is ideal for your needs in the long term. If so, then service it and audition appropriate new speakers from the likes of Neat etc. You will never lose money on a Nait2 in the long run.

Personally, I’d avoid the Linn Index 1 as I found them a little bit screechy. Index2 much better, although a tougher load on a Nait (but should be ok at ltd volume) and ideally should be combined with the (heavy) KuStone stands.

I currently have a Nait2 working beautifully with a pair of same era Monitor Audio R252 large stand mount speakers. Sealed box enclosure, easy to drive at 90db efficiency and can be placed near a rear wall to tune bass response (mine are just 10cm from the rear wall and zero boom).

My knowledge of appropriate new-ish budget speakers to pair with the Nait is pretty limited, so hopefully someone will come along soon who’s been auditioning candidates for their own system. But, I did hear the Monitor Audio Bronze a while back and was quite surprised as to how good they were for budget bangers. A world away from the mid 90s period MA metal dome speakers which could crack glass. Alternatively, Dynaudio Emit 20 are also very good indeed, but much more expensive and need space around them.

As a fellow Nait2 fan, I very much looking forward to reading about what you choose.


Good advice above.

I have found Naim amps to work nicely with speakers of around 88dB sensitivity and a 6 Ohm impedance.

I suspect Naim Credos could be good for you in nice wood finish.

Please let us know what you go for.

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If you’re sticking with vintage, you might see if a pair of Royd speakers are available anywhere. The Minstrel SE in particular are superb and a great match with a Naim 2 for not much money.

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Many thanks for the suggestions Cat345 and I will research these.

Wow Yetizone thank you for the welcome and also for taking the time out for all of the information. I had a pair of HB1s in the past and do regret letting those go. Very good to hear your suggestions partic given your first hand exp which is most helpful and also re Neat on the Linn Index I & II. Plenty to mull over and I appreciate hearing of your experience.

Hi Christopher
Thank you for info on matching which is useful to hear. Also for the suggestion on the Credos and shall look into that.

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hi Blythe thank you very much for those suggestions and I will look into those possibilities. Cheers!

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A shameless plug for Trenner & Friedl speakers which I’ve been using with my Nait 2 for about a year. Both their “Sun” and “Art” bookshelf models would be a great fit in your size room.

I used to run the KEF LS50’s with my Nait 2 and thought they were quite good.

The Trenner & Friedl speakers with the Nait 2 produce wonderful tone/touch/texture and PRaT.

Good luck with your search…


If you get the Nait 2 speaker pairing right, it can be a very capable little thing indeed, sitting quite happily at the heart of a system with a very high quality front end, and even the speakers too. As I’ve mentioned before, Neat Acoustics were showing their new Ekstra floor standing speakers (circa 3K) at Cranage last year, fronted by a high end Well Tempered Versalex (and Raspberry Pi & Chord DAC for the digital source). A ‘mullet’ of a system in the traditional Hi-Fi speaker choice sense. Not in practice for this example, sounding tremendous. Get the speaker pairing wrong with a hefty speaker load and the poor little Nait will run out oomph pretty quickly and edge into clipping, which is never good for amp or sound Q!

Edit: Forgot. When the Supernait1 was first launched, I high tailed it to my local dealer, ready to buy the new wunderkind. Took my Nait2 with me just as a comparison as I’d ‘already’ pre bought the Supernait1 before the dem. I returned home with the Nait2, as I just preferred what it did in the context of a small room and moderate listening levels. (CDX2 source / Naim Allae speakers).


Hi Jim

I have a CB Nait 2 with some Spendor S3/5R2s enclosed bookshelf speakers (a poor man’s Harbeth P3esrs if you will). They are a very articulate speaker and a great combination if you are not into the bass hitting floor (there is bass aplenty though). Can be had for a reasonable price secondhand. Positioning is also less of an issue.

Do the research and make an informed choice. Good luck.



DeVore Fidelity Gibbon 3XLs sound great with Naim, 90dB sensitivity and a very benign impedance, won’t stress your lovely Nait. Whatever you decide, I am sure you’ll enjoy.


Thank you very much Todd as had never heard of Trenner and Friedl but will check them out.

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Thanks Monkey Jim another one I have not heard of so I really do appreciate the informed advice.

Thank you badlyread and have mucho research after hearing of these various options. Cheers for the suggestions.

Hi again Yeti zone and interesting to hear about the nait 2 experience and am sure if I do the necessary research after all the help from the forum I will be very happy indeed. What a marvellous and helpful group this forum is, really impressed by the helpful advice!

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Unfortunately use a recapped Nait 1 but am also very familiar with sound of a CB Nait2. Your comment about a perceived lack of warmth to sound was of particular interest.

With that in mind I’d also recommend Spendor SP 2/3’s as noted earlier by cat345. Very easy speaker to drive and great with all music. I have similar size room but is a bedroom system. A really fun listen would be the Neat Motive 3’s which are one of the easiest to drive Neats.

I also have Kan2’s but if warmth is an issue this will likely be a tiring sound over the longer haul. I have small Spendors 3/5’s as well which maybe a better physical fit than 2/3’s but I’ve found they need a bit more power (NAP140/180) to get the party started. The 2/3’s go for silly low money in my neck of the woods as well.

I also had KEF LS50’s for a very short time and thought they were just okay with the Nait. Much preferred the Spendor S3/5’s.

Cable NACA5/Source CD5 with and without Hicap.


I ran a Nait 1 into Epos ES14s back in the mid-‘80s, fronted by a Trio K1033B and then a Roksan Xerxes/ RB300/K9. A great combination with the entry level deck and the high end deck. You can still find early ES14s for sale, and they work well with Naim at all levels (I took the Nait up through 62/72/82 to 140/2*135) and they always sounded great).


Long time ago, I had CD2 - NAIT2 - INTRO2 and it was beautifull to my ears.

Just wanted to upgrade but you can live entire life with this little combo

My 2 cts