Advice with recent upgrade to NAC152XS


I recently was able to upgrade to a NAC155XS, I also have a NAP 150X and an old Olive FLATCAP.

Currently it is setup using all three and separated over 3 shelves.

Given that the FC is 20 years old I’m wondering whether it is even worth it?

Thanks Ants

Hi Ants, I would say that the Flatcap is worth keeping, but at 20 years old it will certainly benefit from a recap/service if this has never been done. The same might apply to your power amp.

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Thanks Chris, yes that is what I was thinking if it was worth keeping.

Hi Ants,

I’m a huge fan of the NAC152XS. I have my Flatcap XS on the preamp’s Upgrade 1. I agree with ChrisSu that a service of both your FC and NAP150x should be worthwhile.

Powering the NAC152XS from your NAP150x (ie. without the FC) may give you an idea of the FC’s condition.

Good to read that you have the units on three shelves.


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Thanks @Christopher_M

I’m enjoying them so far, I have upgraded from an old Yamaha av receiver. Before that was using an old dpa integrated amp (which to be fair was pretty nice).

I’ve been able to get the NAC152XS using the AV unity gain with the receiver and have been very impressed with that compared with the receiver only.

I think my plan will be to get a 5 pin link plug so I can remove the FC, get that serviced and then maybe look at getting the NAP serviced too a bit later.


Yes, there should be a round 5 pin plug in ‘upgrade 2’ as well as a 4 pin paddle which would be removed to allow ‘upgrade 1’.

Many forum users including myself get their kit serviced at Naim-authorised Class A in Sheffield who are excellent.

Regarding the stacking order on your three shelves, Naim preamps like to be on the top. Others will be able to tell you why :slight_smile:

of course I meant NAC152XS please excuse me mixing my NAC and NAP models :grimacing:

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