Advices needed, Nova + CD + Turntable?

Hi everyone,

I’ve used a Unitilite during the last couple of years and want to upgrade my configuration.

As I often listen to CDs, I was planning to buy Uniti Nova + CD 5 SI (doesn’t seem to have much choice on Naim CD player…).
I also have a turntable (Rega P3) with a classical fono MM Rega.

I had several questions:

  • Is Nova + CD 5 SI a good combination? I’ve heard it’s better than Star.
  • Would I gain something by changing my fono Rega to a StageLine?

Thanks for your help,


why buy a cd player ? you can rip your cds and stream them with your nova.
Or you can buy a nait xs and a cd5i.

you should read the thread : from superuniti to nova. It can help.
If you prefer physical format, better not go for a nova. Turntable with nova is not top .

You won’t need a cd player with nova if you have tidal, sounds as good if not better than cd , just hook up your turn table and speakers and your set.

I have a regal rp6 with my nova and it sounds incredible! Better than when I had my xs2. But you do have to turn it up about 10db more than streaming to get same volume.


Forgot to say though I’m using an ifi phone stage haven’t bought a naim one yet so you’ll need a flat cap if you go naim phone stage, I really want to try one though already have a flat cap2 from when I had my xs2 so now just need new phone stage.

My LP12 through my Nova sounds very good to me and has drawn particularly positive comments from others. I am sure there are other better solutions but turntable and Nova seems to work pretty well.

what i read here is perhaps not true. Some said the nova digitalizes the analog signal…others said that lps sound better with an xs or superuniti.
Anyway i hope all this is wrong. Enjoy your nova, it’s a nice piece !

Thanks everyone,

I am attached to physical storage so I prefer to keep a CD player/turntable rather than ripping them. Of what I understand, adding a StageLine won’t add much and I can just plug my current setup.

Concerning the CD player, I’ve heard that you have quite the same quality plugging it to a Nova or to a XS, however the streamer would be better with the Nova.

Hi gregle,

I would rather go for a used CD5XS, had this before I upgraded to the Nova. The only piece of equipment I wish I hadn’t sold. It’s super musical and I wish I had tried it on the Nova before I let it go.

The Nova has worked flawlessly for me and I think its a fantastic one-box solution.

Do I remember correctly that the nova only has one analog input? The turntable will need this so if you don’t want to rip, a CD player with a digital output would seem the best bet, if Naim a used CD5xs or later CDX2 (or DVD5 but probably not). Otherwise go outside the brand, or audition a Core before completely rejecting ripping. The CD5si only outputs analog.

The Nova actually has two analogue inputs. I know because I am using both :slight_smile:

I believe there are 4 analogue inputs - 2 RCA/phono and 2 x DIN inputs.

Good point, well made. I am only using the RCA inputs and forgot about the DIN - I should have had a snoop around the back before posting. :slight_smile:

That’s a no then.

Thanks, will try to find one. Then I guess it’s better to connect the digital output to the Nova via BNC and use the DAC of the Nova?

Possibly, but I would never make assumptions like that without careful listening tests.

Hi all, I’ve just received my Nova yesterday and managed to find a CD5xs, everything works fine. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:.

Still need to try out analogue/digital output though…

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As I understand it, all Uniti models analogue input are digitized and then play through the.on board DAC circuit.

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