After 14 months in their boxes, it’s time to unleash my Naim system on my new extended room, which has an LVT over concrete floor

After 14 months of major house refurbishment, it’s time to unleash my Naim black boxes, which have been boxed up, along with my Kudos 606s.

For the first time ever, I have decided to go for a Karndean LVT floor, (screeded concrete floor underneath), rather than a wall to wall carpet.
Already, I can notice a massive difference in the room’s acoustics.
I appreciate that I may have to have some acoustic treatment in the room, but before then, my thoughts are what to put under the Kudos 606 spikes and the system rack.
There are dozens of threads on spike shoes and shock absorbers. Some work better with wooden floors, some better with LVT.
I would appreciate some advice for those with an LVT, over concrete floor.


I would add ‘on my LVT over concrete floor’ to the end of your title. Otherwise you risk lots of entirely irrelevant replies.


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Congratulations on your new floor. Here in Sweden, wall to wall carpets have never been big, our floors usually consist of wood, tiles or vinyl. On vinyl floors, spikes with floor protection work very well, Kudos has such in its range and so does Chord.

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Thank you @Bjorn

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Cheers @Christopher_M

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Nah, we’ve moved on now. Its all about new boxes with NC in the name. :grinning:

Enjoy the unpacking, it must be great after having them stored away for a while.

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