After last update Naim App crashes and Nova freezes

Goodmorning everyone.
A problem that occurred 3 times in 4 days on my Uniti Nova device.
It practically freezes, the Naim app does not respond to commands, the song remains fixed on the tablet screens and the nova display and it is not possible to make any selection of other music tracks or switch to another provider (I have Qobuz, Tidal in test and overall Roon with core Mac Book Pro).
I try to turn the machine off and on again, but nothing at all.
Same if I switch to Roon …
The situation is restored by making a total disconnection from the electricity mains, unplugging the plug and then reinserting it.
I recently updated the firmware and recently installed a super-fast 1gb fiber optic internet network, traveling on the network at a speed of 600/700 mb / sec.
Has it happened to you too, and if so what should I do?
Thank you very much and sorry for my poor English language.

Hi, have you done a full factory reset of the machine since the update? I would suggest you do this.

received the update automatically when configuring the new line and the new router (a high-end Fritzbox). I don’t remember if I did a full factory reset. I’ll try.
I have installed so many firmware since I own the device, but I never needed the reset honestly, I do not hide from you that this behavior of the naim software I do not like at all.

We’ve had several issues reported here in recent weeks with new Fritzbox routers - this may not be directly to do with Naim software at all.

However, to rule out any issues on the Nova side, I would suggest the following:

Ensure you are running the latest version of the Naim App - version 5.22.2 (Apple iOS) and 2.22.2 (Android)
Ensure you are on FIrmware 3.7.1
Ensure once all updates are complete that you fully power down your phone/tablet running the Naim App, and then power back up again
Power cycle your Nova - unplug it from mains power and leave it for 30 minutes before reconnecting
While the Nova is having this downntime, reboot your router - ensuring it’s fully back up and running before you reconnect your Nova and devices.

See how that goes; if it’s no better, try the Factory Reset as Richard suggests.

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Thanks a lot Mrs.Newsome.
I’ill try it.
Best regards

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