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Hi, I liked to buy a pair of Apple-type air pods headphones for my iPhone SE 2020 since I have Tidal & Spotify and I would like to take advantage of it for night listening and for a few walks. I would not take apples because they are too expensive. I’ve seen the Cambridge but I don’t know if they’re good. I also care that they are comfortable in the ear and do not bother. Some advice?

Bought a set of those apple copy wireless headphones
Was not expecting a lot as the were less than £6 delivered
They are bloody brilliant!!!

Showed them to my daughter who has apple airpods…the worst she could come up with was “the lid hinge seems not as strong”

I’ve seen these copies (same as mine) as little as £3 !! (On “wish” I think)
There called the i12 or something similar

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We have Apple AirPods, AirPods Oro and copies. The copies are poor in terms of performance and comfort compared to the later Apple devices, though clearly they work ok.
The AirPods Pro are a big step performance on the earlier generation. They are more comfortable / better fit for different ear sizes, have better tighter bass, more detail in upper mids and have effective noise cancellation.
For on the move totally recommend AirPod Pro. Yes they cost a little more, but SQ and comfort count for a lot … you don’t want sores in your ear canal that you might otherwise get on extended listening sessions say on long train journeys.

I have AirPods Pro and they are probably the best purchase I’ve made over the last year . They integrate perfectly with the IPhone as you’d expect, the SQ is really good and I haven’t used my Shure wired IEM’s since I bought the AirPods . They are very comfortable and the cancellation works well .
Highly recommended .

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I think I’ll take the white Cambridge melomania 1, they speak well of them and I especially take them to go for a walk with the dog …

As has been mentioned above, the AirPods are excellent. Love mine and as well as being great with iPhones, iPads laptops etc, they are brilliant with the Apple Watch. Very liberating going out for a run or walk etc with nothing but. Pair of ultra light headphones and a watch with nothing else to weigh you down.

3 £ is really too little, if you send me the link I take them as an excellent reserve …

i12 TWS Leopold brand?

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