AirPlay and Uniti Atom

I’ve recently purchased a uniti atom; it works perfectly as expected. However, there is one challenge it is giving me. I ideally want to Airplay to the uniti ( sound only) from videos on my NAS drive. When I’ve tried this, it refuses to connect - ‘unable to connect to uniti atom’ error message constantly. I have 2 other streamers in the house, and they perform this task without any issues at all.
I’ve read some previous posts on this, tried them, but to no avail. I’ve also contacted Naim Support, but they seem unable to assist.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

No idea from a NAS but can confirm that doing this with Youtube videos works perfectly with my Atom HE. Are you able to connect Youtube with Airplay?

Thanks for your reply.
No, I can’t even stream from YouTube vidoes. I heard that because I have a mesh set-up in the house, Naim does not like these, and turned off all except the main router. That didn’t work either.

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That is not the case. I am using a Netgear Orbi mesh and have both my Atom HE devices connected with LAN cable to one of the sattelites. Naim has absolutely no problem with mesh wifi.

When using Youtube can you see the Atom as an Airplay device or is it not even picked up on the network?

Also are you using VPN software? I have had differing response between different applications and network discovery when my VPN is running. For example, on my computer, if VPN is on I cannot see my Atoms in Tidal for Tidal connect.

By the way, neglected to say it in my first post: Welcome to the forum!

Hi again, Thanks for the welcome.
When using YouTube, yes I can see the Atom indicated on the list. It’s when I click onto it each time that I receive the same predictable message; ‘unable to connect to Atom…’
I don’t use a VPN, no.
I am particularly baffled by this. All other aspects of the Atom work perfectly. As I mentioned previously, I have two other streamers in the house I occasionally use for this purpose, and there is no problem at all. So, why the Atom?

Hmmm that is where my ideas end unfortunately.

Beyond the standard: Have you power cycled the Atom and your wifi router?

This works flawlessly for me so it is not a Naim architecture thing but a local issue.

If you are still having issues, try turning off everything connected to your network /wifi, next power off and after a period restart your router, then power on Atom and one control point and try that, airplay to Atom - use a radio app first and try getting that to work, without involving your NAS.
Do you have the opportunity to connect your Atom via ethernet /patch cable to your router?

What mesh wifi do you have? Any Sky box(es)?

@Kryptos clearly doesn’t have issues with mesh, but others do report connection problems. Mesh doesn’t always seem to handle multicast as well as it might.

Yeah that is true, however the OP mentions being able to do this to other devices in the house which muddles the situation a bit.

I was conscious of that, what the OP hasn’t covered, is as to whether the other units are connected to different mesh points.
You are extremely fortunate to have mesh work reliably for you Kryptos.
Checking recently, what did surprise me, was that an Orbi mesh disc was no cheaper than a Ubiquiti wap; albeit wap requires a back haul. Naim support posted in a thread around a decade ago about the benefits of Ubiquiti waps, but that section of the forum is largely long forgotten and mesh seems to have become the preference and subsequently bain of many.

I don’t buy this argument about mesh networks being problematic. Any network that is incorrectly set up can cause problems, mesh or otherwise. Look back at the Streaming forum a few years ago and it was inundated with posts from people having connection issues before mesh was around, far more that we see now.
Where mesh can often cause issues is if people set them up to run DHCP servers, without realising that they already have one running on their router, and one or the other needs to be disabled. This would equally be the case with non-mesh wifi extenders: it’s just that since mesh came along people are more often using several of them and thus increasing the chance of setup issues.

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I agree. There are enough folk here using mesh to great effect. They have also come a long way.

Same here with a TP-Link Mesh network with 3 transmitters, works without any issues. I use AirPlay a lot, but from an Apple TV, however without any issues. I used to have an Atom and now an Atom HE, but both worked without issues. I guess the problem does not sit with the Atom in this case.


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