Airplay enhanced audio buffering

In the upcoming new releases later this year there is some real improvments to Airplay coming. This was featured in the keynote. They have been working on better API:s and improving responsiveness. Everything is better in sync.

I’d guess the new enhanced audio buffering must be implemented on the client also but dont bug Naim about it yet - give them time to have a look at it.

Public betas showing up in a month. Oh, Apple Music Classical is now full-screen on the iPad (in the upcoming release).

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Is there any change to output in Apple Music ? E.g lossless output rather than aac

Found this session from WWDC:

It only touches on new features and is directed at app developers. Such, it does not say, whether Apple Music will use these features or how.
Also no information, whether receiving devices need an update, but that sounds reasonable. (E.g. via a Naim firmware update, once the libraries they integrate are updated.)

From the transcript (around 02:45 in the video):

and new this year, intelligent use of Lossless playback for iOS.

PS: I could imagine „intelligent“ means things like „based on source audio format“ and „current WiFi stability and speed“. Or other factors. Just guessing, though.

Very interesting…. So sounds like something is coming


  1. Will Naim need to update Airplay via firmware to support this??
  2. the current iOS17 Beta - does this include the updated Airplay? And if so - what happens when you airplay from iOS17 to a Naim device? Is it still AAC??

I would imagine Naim would have done some testing with iOS17Beta in case an update is required

iOS beta for developers was released (just) this Monday. Public beta next month. And hopefully any new features don’t affect compatibility for existing protocols and devices. (My 10+ years old AirPlay 1 device is still working fine and stable with current iOS and macOS devices. Which prefer AirPlay 2 of course, but still support 1 without issues.)

We’ll see. :slight_smile:

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