Airplay latency issue since Fw 2.0.0 upgrade for MU-SO 1ST GEN

Hi, has anyone else experienced Airplay latency issues since updating to Fw 2.0.0 on an original gen 1 Muso QB?, mine was working perfectly but since the upgrade my QB is eventually experiencing quite a time delay after 30mins running of either Apple Music, Spotify or BBC sounds, my Libratone zipp Mac mini and airport express are still keeping perfect time when running together. The QB is galloping after an hour!

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Copying in our software guru @Stevesky for insight on this

Hi Clare, thanks for the referral, I was wondering if it would be possible to downgrade back to 1.8.0 by usb whilst a patch for 2.0.0 is worked upon? Or is the FW on an “over the air” basis only?.

That’d be one for the Naim Support team - it’s not possible remotely.

Hi, I have experienced the same. I have a Mus-so, and a Qb, both version 1.

But, after the 2.0 firmware, both Naim speakers started getting out of sync with the other speakers. When turning down volume on the other speakers, I hear that the two Naims are in sync, but are out of sync with the rest. This evolves slowly over time, like after 5 minutes it starts becoming noticeable.

Tonight I reverted the Qb back to an earlier software version (1.8.11), and it now plays in sync with the other speakers, while the Mu-so does not.

Its a bit faster than the Qb (v1.8.11) and others actually. I have a vague memory of them lagging behind, but now at least its about 1/8 beat out of sync playing through song 2 on an album (that is after 10 minutes, and two songs). (Update as I write this, after song 4 and 23 minutes its about 2/8s off, and thats kind of noticeable, even with the sort of music I listen to).

My setup:
I use Apple music on any of the macs (primary an old one standing in a basement thats always on), that all the family can control with Remote on their iphones. Quite flexible, and no need to log into each others personal devices to change music that is affecting the household.
In addition to the Naim speakers I also have amps w/speakers connected to 2 airport expresses, one Beolit 12, a Hegel H90 and two Libratone speakers (Live Classic and a eh circular one). So more or less Airplay 1 devices, except the airport expresses.

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