Airplay not working with Musos

This is an odd one, for me at least. I have had to send my NDS back to Naim so I am having to use iTunes which is now playing from a minimac (latest model) through a NDAC to my main system without problem.

The problem is when I select any of the Musos from iTiunes (I have three), it tries to connectas it can see them and then rejects them. I cannot connect from any of my iOS devices either, however if I use Roon from the minimac or the Naim app (both connected to the NAS) it streams perfectly to all three (but not of course the main system).

I use a Ubiquiti Amplifi Router.

What is going on!!! Any ideas???

So you can use Airplay via Roon to the Musos and it works ok? I take it they are hardwired? But from wireless devices no go? Sounds like you might be having multicast discovery issues on the the wifi part of the network. Do you have any igmp options or multicast options on the router. I have ubiquity hardware but not the amplifi and this has a number of igmp and multicast settings that if enabled can stop discovery.


I think Roon and theNaim app use UPnP.

Airplay does not work at all. I am afraid I have no idea wat igmp is and there are no multicast options on the router just optimise for streaming which makes no difference.

The Musos are clearly visible

Roon does not use UPnP unless your using a UPnP bridge?

My mistake…so Roon works fine as does the Naim app but not iTunes to the Musos.

To further confuse matters, iTines works fine to a Homepod!

So what is iTunes running on? How is that connected to your network and how are the Musos connected to the network?

The MiniMac is connected by ethernet or WiFi, i have tried both. The musos are all on the wirelss network.

I have also tried from two different iOS devices and anothere Mac, all with the same results

Its also worth noting that I have done a factory reset on all Musos and rebooted every device including router

Somethings blocking it’s discovery, likely the router. I would talk to Ubiquity support as they are more likely to help. I know on their Unifi hardware there can be issues with Airplay if some settings are on but mine works fine with the iOS devices my family use.

So I have now talked to Ubiquity who have ruled out any problems with the router.

I have talked to Apple who said that as Airplay works with the Homepod it must be a Naim issue.

I talked to Naim on the phone with no result. I am now waiting for them to answer my email.

Very frustrating


Does iTunes show a signal drop to your Musos about 40 seconds into play all of a sudden when they’re still actually online? If so, see my tale of woe and my fix here (sadly, another new router):



You said Roon sees them, I assume your connecting them by airplay?

That is exactly the behaviour…have now talked to Naim…not looking good so far.

Thanks for the info

Roon I bleive uses RAAT not Airplay.

Glad that info helped…the issue started for me with Muso firmware version 1.7 like I mentioned in that linked thread however I really couldn’t blame Naim since the Muso worked flawlessly right next to my core router, just not from any mesh point in other rooms and when using FW v1.7. Additionally, Apple admitted a problem on their end at the same time by virtue of patching all of their operating systems with one of the bug fixes being for AirPlay not connecting to some third-party wifi speakers.

Anyway, my back was up against a wall with a new Muso purchased and the clock ticking for my return period to end should my Muso had been deemed defective. I chose the quickest (and cheapest) fix which was replacing my year old AmpliFi HD system. I made the right choice though as the Amplifi (and ultimately the Velop mesh system) dropped nodes as well as clients intermittently from the network in this wifi hell-hole of a house we live in so I had more than just an AirPlay issue. Knock on wood…my eero mesh system has been flawless on all counts for the last 6 weeks or so since I bought it. LOL…I’ve tried my best to break it but I can’t :wink:



P.S. Do let us know what Naim determines so it will help fellow forum users in the future.

“Do let us know what Naim determines so it will help fellow forum users in the future.”

Of course

Roon can send via airplay too which is how you can get it on a Muso or by using a uPnP bridge. RAAT is for pure Roon Ready devices which the Muso is not.

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