AirPlay Setup with iOS 14.4

Hi, Has anyone had success with this?

Nova fell off the WiFi for some unknown reason and after multiple resets of it, I can’t get AirPlay setup to complete, errors out with an unexpected error.

Looks like this happened for a period in 2019 according to this post, which is exactly what I’m getting now. Naim app not configuring Mu-so Qb


Hi, no problem with Airplay here. I updated to iOS14.4 yesterday and it works fine.

But AirPlay set up, as opposed to AirPlay streaming?

Did you see this article even though it suggest that 14.3 has solved the problem.
Help Centre (

Thanks, yes. Unit was initially set up under 14.2 and went through that. If you try and do that additional step now of adding the AirPlay speaker the setup fails in the same way as via the app, which I assume is reassuringly consistent! :slight_smile:

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