Airplay to Muso fails

I have a Muso and a Muso QB. If I airplay to either of them from an iPhone (tried 2), and iPad, or an Apple TV, it fails (symptom: appears to want to work for ten seconds, then device switches to previous audio path). This worked successfully until (a while ago - but only just got around to asking the questoin) I updated the Naim software to 1.8.0. The Apple TV has the simplest network connection to the Muso possible - they are both wired into the same ethernet switch (so I don’t think it can be the network). The iPhones, iPad, and Muso QB are connected by WiFi via Ubiquiti access points (which are generally unproblematic), so iPhone to QB does not pass through the switch (and still doesn’t work) and I think this thus eliminates the network. Any ideas?

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