AirPlay works for most iOS devices, not all

All, I have an Naim Uniti Atom and I am currently unable to use the AirPlay feature on my iPhone XR 14.4.2 to connect to my Atom. This is my main iPhone.

However, my iPad 6th Gen 14.4, my other iPhone 8 Plus 14.4.1, and my other/other iPhone 7 14.4 can use the AirPlay feature to my Atom just fine.


  1. I have the AirPlay setting incorrect on my iPhone XR (but they appear to be the same as the other iPhones)
  2. Naim app does not support the newer 14.4.2 version.

The first image is what I can connect via AirPlay and the second is what I can connect via Chromecast

AirPlay has noting to do with the Naim App. AirPlay issues are almost always down to network issues (e.g. double NAT from using two devices in Router mode). When only one device is affected try resetting the network settings of that device: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

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I’d agree, likely to be a network issue.

Has the OP restarted their router?

Is the iPhone simply not deetcting the Atom for Airplay, or is it seen but doesn’t connect?

If it is any help, I’ve just updated my iPhone 11 Pro to 14.4.2 and AirPlay is working as normal, picking up not only my Nova but all my other AirPlay compatible devices (mainly Sonos).

The iPhone sees the Atom but only to Chromecast to it. Then I rebooted the iPhone and now it shows I can AirPlay to the Atom as well as Sonos devices and other devices. Problem solved.

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