AirPods Pro 2

Currently on offer at Amazon for £225.
Noise cancellation and custom fit seems to be main differences from standard version.
Any view from owners on whether the Pro2 or an alternative is better, not necessarily from a SQ perspective, but integration, usability, etc.?
Many thanks in advance.

I have AirPods Pro and Pro 2, the pro 2 are significantly better, and I love them.

They are not like a pair of focal utopia lol, and I have one pair of utopia, but they are really good, the original pro where nothing special, the new pro 2 have a lot of more body, the noise cancelation are very improved, and also have volume control on each AirPod.

I use them all the time because they are very practical and user friendly, light and easy to use.

If you use iOS and Mac they are a great add on.


I got these a few months ago and really like them, find them very comfortable, the noise reduction is nice, it’s not complete but makes a noticeable difference. I like the spatial audio as well, thought it a bit of a gimmick before trying it but always have it on now (fixed), so it’s not “audiophile” but I like it, and that’s all that counts isn’t it?! Sound wise they have a surprising weight and clarity from something so tiny. Impressive.
Been using them a lot recently while sat and working in the garden.
I can’t give comparisons with other models or makes, these are the first wireless in ear headphones I’ve owned.


Thanks both appreciate you taking the trouble to reply with your experiences.
I’ve ordered!
Think they should be able to cover off work duties phone, conference calls, etc. and deal with music on the go too - Roon ARC and MUSE looks interesting!
Thanks again.


My wife and daughter have the AirPods and AirPod Pro 2s respectively. Both have had them replaced recently by Apple due to failure and noise issues. I can hand on heart say that my Sony WF-1000XM4s sound better, are more reliable and integrate into my Apple world seamlessly. Never thought I’d be saying that.


Thanks for sharing Paul.
I assume that your wife and daughter’s replacements were under warranty/guarantee so at least they honoured that.
The Sony earbuds look a viable alternative if I can’t get on with Apple’s.
Thanks again.

Yes they both got them replaced with new. Both were out of warranty so hats off to Apple. However, they should not have needed replacing. It was my daughters 3rd pair. I chose the Sonys for SQ. My instinct has always been to go for Apple gear but I don’t think they focus on SQ, mainly usability which works for them for most of their products.

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Well AirPods received paired to iPhone and iPad no issue and improved connectivity/ease of use compared to last Bluetooth device when using phone/apps - this was primary reason for purchase :white_check_mark:
Also set up on Roon ARC using AutoEQ dsp filters for Pro 2’s in ANC mode - again really impressive.
Early days so don’t want to speak too soon but so far so good.
Thanks all for your advice and time - appreciated.


This :point_up_2:.
I was expecting Bluetooth 5.3 to limit bit depth to 16 bit but they appear to handle 24 bit depth and max sample frequency of 48kHz - yes it’s not hi-res lossless >48kHz but better than I expected after reading some online reviews.

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I have had a few wireless earbuds, all AirPods since the beginning where not that great, the AirPods pro 2 are good, also had the Powerbeats earbuds they where not that great although had good battery life.

The Sony are great and have 1003 with noise cancelation, because I use apple devices I find the AirPods integration flawless with their products, after some time I stopped using the other brands on iPhone, they work but not in a way you do not even think to do something, and the AirPods Pro 2 really sound better than all other airpods before.

For serious listening I use a good pair of headphones, but for all other uses during the day, for a user of apple products I find the Pro 2 a must have add on, they simply work every time with every apple device in a way that is transparent, the auto switching between apple devices is impressive and is one thing that after having it is difficult to not have.

But there are better sounding earbuds, Sony is for sure one of them.

But that’s a take from an Apple user, with android I do not use AirPods, they work but not that great, and there are better integrations on other earbuds for android, Sony is one of them, and the reason my Sony stayed.

Sony xm4’s are very good albeit I find the ear buds are a little comfortable and they don’t stay in my ears too well - fine if sitting down but start wondering around and they feel like they will fall out….but excellent sound quality.


Wireless has certainly come a long way in recent years. I’ve recently got the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3’s and they sound fantastic for what they are.

If I had an android device I’d have considered alternative makes - I may regret that in time.

My adult daughter dropped her AirPod Pros Gen 1 in their charging case while out walking recently, probably when she pulled something else out of her coat pocket.

She looked for them at home, gradually realising what had happened and looked on the Find my IPhone app. This told her that her AirPods were at a random address in a nearby village. So she went there and banged on the door. She told the guy who answered that she had dropped them and Apple was telling her they were at this address. She showed him on her phone. He said he would ask his girlfriend and a couple of minutes later came back and gave them to my daughter. What she had been intending to do with them was not discussed!

This was a real result and it’s interesting that the AirPods must have communicated their whereabouts to Apple via a Bluetooth connection to any nearby iPhone, possibly the girlfriend’s own phone.

This is not something that the Sony earbuds can do as far as I know.

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I used the medium buds for about a year and felt the same. Just found the box with the large buds and popped them on. Much better now.

I ended up using the comply buds - seemed to work better than any others.

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